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WBD60 2019-5-18 16:12:10
to depreciate RMB against the US $ could to certain extent offset the traffics imposed by Trump , yet on the other hand, it could have a negative impact on foreign companies in china who may try to withdraw from the Chinese market as a result of strong US Dollar,  it is a dilemma here. i see china is in a quite tough situation where no matter which direction it moves the odds are against it . it is sad to say that the window for opportunity has been shut down for china as the people in ... ...
WBD60 2019-5-16 16:02:36
Chinese are very smart people who know how to get something out of nothing. china so far has been a free rider in the world trade system, poised to take over the world market with its slave labor and poorly made and illegally subsidized commodities. compared to Chinese leaders, western elites are a bunch of dopes who only care about their wealth. they are shortsighted and quite ignorant when dealing with the Chinese. the trade war has long been lost , it is a joke to begin with, the US can not i ... ...
WBD60 2019-5-16 01:37:21
actually for Americans to cut down spending is not a bad thing, somewhat like to ask a fat person to lose a few  pounds , for decades Americans have been enjoying  this artificially high living standard, it is time for them to come back to reality.    I think the tariffs will have some negative impact on world supply chains,  china will be hit badly of course. the goal of imposing tariffs on Chinese made goods is to bring manufacturing chain back to the ... ...
WBD60 2019-5-15 20:49:40
the so called rise of china is perhaps the biggest fraud ever happened in the history of economics. china is a rogue nation. its economy is a government sponsored Ponzi scheme, no real purchasing power, it is export driven and financed by government investment in real estate. the biggest bubble ever. it is a joint venture between the elites in the west and their counterparts in china. and the good news is the bubble has been busted. now, they try to ask average people from both sides to suffer t ... ...
WBD60 2019-5-15 13:24:41
on per capita basis china is and will remain a dirt poor country for many years to come. there is no need to defeat china you can not defeat a failed country. it is time to set thing straight. china needs to close down those sweatshops and cut down its bureaucracy , getting rid of those useless eaters who have so far contributed nothing to the society. Americans need to wake up , protect their jobs. say no to made in china, the big companies and silicon valley and wall street have to do what the ... ...
WBD60 2019-5-15 13:24:10
china has 65 million useless eaters , the corrupt and incompetent government officials of all levels , they are supported by those who work like dogs in the sweatshops. is it the time to abolish this modern slavery? the lefts and some intellectuals in the west think the Chinese do not deserve democracy and constitutional politics because they are born inferior, well, they are wrong. democracy will work in china just as it has worked in the US and other places.
jackjohnson7 2018-5-5 23:03:23
Hi how are you? i am Jack johnson, American Army currently working in Iraq please kindly contact me i will like to know more about you OK please my dear just sand me a messages in my email address i will tell you more about myself  too
Ted180 2017-3-16 02:00:58
Perhaps your new relationship with an indigenous American has caused you to react more extremely to Trump and white racism. Trump has only 4 years (if he avoids removal under 25th Amendment for "presidential incapacity"). I will be dead by then; but you will be alive.
prettybaby50 2017-1-17 03:28:28
My Dearest, pls contact me here ( abdelblessing @yahoo . com ) i came across your profile and it interests me so i decided to leave a message of friendship and also i will like to discuss something private with you to see how you can be of help about it, send me an email today and i will send you my pictures and tell you more about me please!I am waiting for your reply now!
Yours forever
1584austin 2016-11-17 18:36:21
I don't often take comments seriously but he's a troll. I can't be bothered on here.... too many idiots . See you around JF
1584austin 2016-11-17 11:33:32
I usually keep my nose clean as I feel I'm a little help to the BBS, but I'm sick of some pathetic posters esp seneca when it comes to his women bashing.  
1584austin 2016-11-17 11:19:15
Women basher Seneca strikes again darling GRRR
Ted180 2016-1-2 01:35:06
On this sex and gender business, I'm being SINCERE. For me, personally, sex is linked to love (as I gather it is for you). I don't VALUE prostitution at all. But, I believe in individual freedom (within appropriate social restraints from causing harm to others). Our argument is not so much about SEX as about the extent of reasonable SOCIAL RESTRAINTS.  
Ted180 2014-9-11 03:49:51
Good to see you're still posting. I've been concentration on the Moscow Times site during this unfortunate Ukraine crisis.
Motika 2014-3-4 11:36:14
if you want to talk you can connect thru skype: colak_mediametar.
less time spent on writting, to use voice

Motika 2014-3-4 09:55:22
Thanks for a good discussion !
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