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hi111 2017-5-23 23:20:54
lucky for you, i know most asians don't know what to say, so i understand your silence.
hi111 2017-5-23 23:19:50
attention, i can get on other sites too, just by talking. i don't know why i am still here honestly. it's not like i still like voice-cd because i don't. ....don't get me wrong, real life may be different, but asians aren't good at only talking and especially in english. ....iabc is just too weird and scary for me....hope to leave this time for good. be back in four years to check on ghostbuster.
hi111 2017-5-23 23:18:16
it's like, i left all the other sites, i wonder why i am still here, even though i don't like it here all that much.
hi111 2017-5-23 23:08:47
like, if you don't like what i say, just say something back about it. say you don't like it, instead of trying to mock me in other ways. just learn to be frank okay, it is good and healthy.
hi111 2017-5-23 23:07:50
anyway. to you later.................don't wait for me.
hi111 2017-5-23 23:07:27
it's like, i enjoy the attention you give me or something. i don't know what it is. maybe we are meant to be just online friends after all.
hi111 2017-5-16 01:46:23
sorry, i don't belong here. please delete those pending posts, they are duplicates. because i don't want to come back to delete them. i'm not coming back at all anymore, not even for a peek. this is getting too disgusting. i can't stand a lot of sick people here, and that some of them are stalking me. so disgusting and creepy. there are good people here, but it's your choice to stay. my choice is to leave. sorry. this is my final decision, because it's getting too creepy. many people ... ...
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