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  • life is ever changing and you really can not plan too soon... you can never catch up its pace. so just enjoy the moment you have now. Reply
  • you deserve the beauty, love yourself! Reply
  • i must keep pace of the fleeting time and improve myself as much as possile. Reply
  • new term begins! let's make everyday fullfilled! read more books and learn more! Reply
  • i am really looking forward to the winter holiday, i have a lot of plans to carry out, can't wait to start! good luck 2016! Reply
  • the year is drawing to an time flies~~ Reply
  • i hope i can have a great summer holiday! Reply
  • try to make full use if your time and make a lilttle achievement every day Reply
  • when the result is out, it make me relaxed at the same time, i will have a new start this month. come on, dear aileen, you can make it! Reply
  • every month there are 2 answers, yes or no..i don't care actually, be it a yes or not, i have been used to it and i can face it! Reply
  • just see the bright side of the day.. you can never lose hope. everything goes well! Reply
  • so busy these days, i really need a break... Reply
  • remember to burn your fat!! Reply
  • time to do the workout! don't be lazy especialy in this rich holiday.. too much food and wine... too much fat to burn~~ Reply
  • sometimes i am an alarmist and feel a lttle afraid of being taken away the happiness i have now. Reply
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Listen to your heart 2016-11-18
I have to admit that working in a vocational school is really tough in my hometown. I mean the feeling which stemming from being with the student ...
(1979) readings|(5) comments
Unconditional love 2016-11-14
It is quite natural for us to think of a reward once we have given out something. Yet, there is one thing which is out of exception, that is th ...
(3219) readings|(10) comments
My hometown complex 2016-11-04
When I was a primary school student, I wrote a lot of compositions about our hometown to appreciate its merits, its beauty and its culture, you n ...
(2667) readings|(4) comments
dear home 2016-11-02
What’s the definition of a house? It is a building which can be made of different materials. No matter what is it made of, it is a place to live in. ...
(3137) readings|(8) comments
The woman in the neighborhood 2016-10-28
People say that she is out of her mind because her personality changed greatly. She becomes so fractious and yells at anyone she doesn’t ...
(3054) readings|(11) comments
What do you think of your marriage? 2016-10-26
What is the most important thing in a good marriage? What makes a marriage go on? As a married woman, I should have had my own answers. Howeve ...
(2491) readings|(25) comments

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yuandingman 2016-6-29 17:28:18
zsmeyeshine 2015-12-4 20:35:16
I know from your articles that you are an excellent English teacher. Your passages are so beautifully writen. Hope to make friends. I'm an English teacher at a Senior High school.
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