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  • Are there someone playing  the phone game "Onmyoji"?(阴阳师)My only entertainment now~ Reply
  • What??Where is my blog written yesterday $_$Disappear Reply
  • Long time no see...Oh,I should have remembered those happy time.I'm back! I'm Reply
  • Happy new year 2017!Good luck! Reply
  • Merry Christmas!The moon outside is so bright! Reply
  • Oh why I can't insert the pictures in my blog?Puzzled. Reply
  • Admire the sky cozily with serenity.My initial&final status,and also my name. Reply

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Be professional from the part time 2016-02-16
  The first day when I come to college,I had the ambition that to do part-time jobs and pay my all living fees during study.I don't know how the ...
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Spring Festival part 2,the first day of the lunar new year 2016-02-15
   The first day of lunar New Year is also the beginning of visiting relatives and friends or inviting others home the next few days.All of ...
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Spring Festival part 1,New Year's Eve 2016-02-15
  Spring Festival has been regarded as New Year according to lunar calendar in China since ancient which has been one of the most important even ...
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You came here alone,we'll alone with you 2016-01-15
       I have prepared the final exams until 2 P.M.that day and then came to the eatery to hanve lunch. I noticed that someone wa ...
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Take blood pressure,take heart future 2015-12-21
    Except volunteering in medical group,we also do community services with class for unit.Community is a particular area that has members ...
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Days as a Medical Guide Volunteer(part 1) 2015-11-29
There is a commonweal organization of public medical service in our college called Sunshine Medical Group,which includes Medical Guide Team,Unpaid B ...
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