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  • Real NameClare Wang
  • GenderFemale
  • Birthday1995 Year 11 Month 26 Day
  • Making friends purposewant to know more about the world

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interethnic 2018-12-10 11:09:38
How are you
interethnic 2017-9-24 11:09:24
Clareturn: Hello~~
Happy Sunday beautiful Girl
Swifty55 2016-8-17 21:02:29
Hello and have a wonderful day/
selke 2016-6-12 14:32:51
Clareturn: Why not~    Wish you a wonderful day~
Thank you.
selke 2016-6-7 08:46:15
Clareturn: Nice to meet you, too!
I visit Suzhou last year,I think that it's a beautiful place.I am from Sichuan, in the University of Shandong..
My English is poor
Can I keep touch with you?
selke 2016-6-6 14:52:15
Your way to beautiful girl..
Nice to meet you,My name is Xiao Jianjun.
interethnic 2016-4-10 12:53:50
JohnSnow123 2016-4-9 21:04:56
Clareturn: Nice to meet you,too. I'm so glad that my picture can make you happy~ Wish you a beautiful day~
It is said that the girl who likes laughing will always have good luck.haha~
JohnSnow123 2016-4-8 20:50:31
hi,nice to meet you.your avatar makes me smile. A smile is the best emotion.
Clareturn 2016-4-7 17:42:14
It's still very cold outside~~~ I wonder when the spring will come with a warm breeze~~~
Clareturn 2016-3-21 21:33:09
Too much homework~ Hold on for one more week!
mbursian 2016-3-19 16:55:31
It's nice to become friends with you.  Mark 马克
木格花窗 2016-1-20 10:04:34
could please tell me how to set my background?
Clareturn 2015-12-26 15:20:17
Recently, I fall in love with musicals! They are brilliant! I love The Phantom of the Opera best! Also, I'm amazed by the first Chinese musical: 雪狼湖 !
Clareturn 2015-12-18 20:51:30
Tomorrow, I will attend the funeral of my teacher. I am very nervous now. I don't know what I'm supposed to do... So sad...
Clareturn 2015-12-17 20:00:23
to our beloved Professor Su
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Attending a Funeral 2016-01-16
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I HAVE LOST MY BLOG!!! 2016-01-15
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