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  • Reporter: Clubber Lang, do you have any prediction for the Greek debt crisis? Clubber Lang: My prediction? Reporter: Yes, your prediction. Clubber Lang: Pain! Reply
  • True Detective 2 tonight.  Looking forward to see what "shocking" thing they put in this episode.  Totally different feel from season 1 so far Reply
  • Sick and tired of the humidity in Suzhou.  Enough swamp air!  Just rain already! Reply
  • Love dragon boat festival! Zongzi, sleeping in, DB races.  Nice.  But is dragon boat festival a holiday that celebrates suicide? Reply
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Chinese Beers Ranked 2015-07-19
It's summer time - which means it's high time to drink some booze.  Since baijiu is the worst liquor in the world (ranking somewhere behind boil ...
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Homemade Popcorn 2015-07-01
Really, Zhou…popcorn?  Yes, really.  It simple, easy and everyone loves it.  You can’t watch bootleg Chinese DVDs without popcorn. & ...
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Recipe: Burgers 2015-06-29
Ingredient Sourcing Problems : Australian or Korean Beef City Restrictions : Tier 1, 2 and 3 cities only.  Quality beef will be hard to co ...
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Not 高富帅? I feel for you. 2015-06-28
It’s not easy for many of my male Chinese friends. They are not gao fu shuai (tall, rich, handsome). Great guys - funny, sweet, kind men who are univ ...
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A life without nature 2015-06-25
It is possible for mankind to live in a world without nature – forever disconnected from our roots in the wild.  I live in this world now and ...
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Death of a Titan: Remembering Sir Christopher Lee 2015-06-13
In a break from food blogging, we look at the amazing life of actor, ultimate badass and the definition of all things manly, Sir Christopher Lee. &nbs ...
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