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Memory of my cotton-padded coat 2016-02-14
                            For us northerners, feather coats are a convention ...
(3950) readings|(4) comments
How depression transformed me 2016-02-13
                              I am a deep individual by nature. Perhaps ...
(6205) readings|(1) comments
My Phobia 2016-02-04
                                    I am a person with ri ...
(5834) readings|(3) comments
Something About My English Wrting 2016-02-04
                                   Logically or illogical ...
(6203) readings|(15) comments
What to do with a failed love 2016-01-30
                   Love is an unfathomable thing. It can be capricious and volatile like active g ...
(3368) readings|(3) comments
The small river in my hometown 2016-01-28
                As a popular saying goes, memories and experiences are a great treasure of human life. The ...
(4551) readings|(0) comments

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ANDREASECON 2017-7-4 15:23:52
努力学英语 2016-9-18 08:52:15
Hello ,how is it going ? I am a fan of you .But it seems that you didn't update your blog for some time . Why is that ?
MichaelM 2016-1-8 15:03:11
springcastle : I am terribly sorry, Mr Michael there arose a major misunderstanding in my Wechat moments.  Sometimes I may put down many momentous thoughts that even ... It's no problem. The app decides what to do with it. Actually it didn't cause me any discomfort because I never read it. I didn't even know it deleted you until you tried to add me back as a friend. I would only suggest that if it is something between you and a friend, perhaps you might consider not making it publi ... ...
MichaelM 2016-1-8 09:28:14
I have an app on my iPad that filters undesirable messages (chat or Moments on WeChat ) and will delete users from my network who use certain words or certain combinations of words in a post. It told me that there was a post that perhaps you wrote or forwarded that contained the words 'foreigner' and 'idiots.' The app isn't perfect. It only looks for certain words that some people use to attack others. Of course, I don't want to see such posts as I try to keep my mind focused on good things and ... ...
55555terry 2015-3-25 18:37:42
Thank you  for the flowers
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