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  • if you want something in life get off your backside, and do it yourself!! don't rely on others to do it for you Reply
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cestmoi 2017-1-28 11:50:01
Did the futs get permussion to use his own VPN server from MIIT?
Think u can get him to pass on some tips on how to?
futsanglung 2016-1-4 16:30:07
parcher: You got some late votes just in time i think to ruin their
did you tie with kyler? looks like it
Just wait, maybe Voice will discount some of the votes to alter the result, after all Voice voted for Robert and KIyer
futsanglung 2015-12-10 19:02:01
parcher : u must be going to uk soon? boxing day match? after Chinese new year I should have a chance to pop in to shanghai.....still got some work to do to my  ... UK from 22nd Dec to 14th Jan, will be in Bali for a week just before Spring Festival but will be in Shanghai on the actual day at the insistance of the boss and then back to the UK on business on the 14th Feb, no rest for the wicked. Hope you get to Shanghai when I am there and hope the eye is not too serious ...
futsanglung 2015-12-10 07:41:36
parcher : well at the beginning I used to talk to Robert and incarnation the latter turned out to be a Malaysian I even used to get along wi ... I remember once agreeing with Robert and I told him so in a reply, his response was the usual insults and guff so even when you agree with him he is not happy. I did not come here to make friends ( although I have) and speak as I feel, bugger the consequences. ...
futsanglung 2015-12-9 20:21:36
parcher: Well he is very controversial to say the least...
but nothing to lose any sleep over...

I can not say too much about being controversial,it would be the pot calling the kettle black for me!
futsanglung 2015-12-9 08:12:17
parcher : I have asked senny not to get me involved in this dispute. I replied to his msge that my RP does not say Z , but it does say the purpose of my residen ... Sennapod gets like this, the PSB still refer to it as a z visa and the application form I completed a couple of weeks ago asked me to tick the z visa box, the fact he does not know about the Alien Employment Permit ( I love being an alien ) speaks volumes for his current knowledge. Sadly the thread is dead, I posted it to inform ... ...
futsanglung 2015-10-14 08:26:20
parcher: well you wont believe the amount of backstabbing that has been going on. My deputies all rounded on me behind my back and told lies to try and get me  ...
One reason I am self employed is I hate office politics, should be OK now as when Chinese have been found out the usually back off and look for face saving measures.

Hope you make Shanghai soon

futsanglung 2015-10-13 21:28:21
parcher: Reinstated 15 mins ago..
thnks for all the info.....defenately did the trick.....
Always try to help the good guys, glad things worked out well, does that mean Shanghai is back on?
futsanglung 2015-10-11 16:23:45
parcher : Thanks for that. Well they cant prove how many hours I worked at anytime because I don't have to clock in. my contract does not say it has been approv ... You are correct, your work permit would not be stamped unless the labour bureau have accepted your contract, they are not stamped but a copy is kept by the bureau. Do not walk out too quickly, let them think about what you said, do not get angry and shout just calmly tell them that the labour bureau and a lawyer are on the c ... ...
futsanglung 2015-10-11 14:58:33
parcher : Alright... Can you confirm if this is correct: Lawful termination. The employer must pay the employee one month salary for every year he has worked at ... Here is what I have gleened from contacts and applies to things in Shanghai, as you know not all cities in China work to the same hymn sheet. Technically length of service has little relevance as the government work on the principle that it is classed as a new job when you get a new contract and as it is rare for the labour ... ...
futsanglung 2015-10-10 11:12:24
parcher: Alright...
Can you confirm if this is correct: Lawful termination. The employer must pay the employee one month salary for every year he has worked at ...
I will do some checking and will get back to you before Monday
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