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 A gem rediscovered----Hainan. 2018-07-09
The new policy of hainan free trade zone brought my meomory back to a bilingual poem I composed a few years ago:  A gem rediscovered《珍宝重现》 ...
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Great aims----a depicture of me and my hope. 2018-05-26
《鸿鹄志》Great aims   半生心怀鸿鹄志,   终老唯剩钱贝趣。   一路沧桑天涯证,   时光流逝后生现。   Great aims in heart that hal ...
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Holding a nation 接住了一个国度 2017-12-19
Several seconds'video, 几秒的视频   excites many eyes,刺激了许多眼睛   arouses many minds.唤醒了许多头脑   In you, 在你身上   I f ...
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A night-time sigh 2017-11-29
In this chaotic land beneath quiet cold faces, cynics are best souls in this criminal world. Misconducts justify themselves by contrast ...
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Lost our minds 2017-08-19
  The stars are so bright in the sky,   eagles hover in the moonshine;   people fear to look at the dark clouds high,   sages drop th ...
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Our faces glow 2017-05-24
Our faces glow 《我们的脸容光焕发》     You read, you searched the unknown, 你阅读,你曾探索未知   discoveries came along as you ...
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