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what is the next social media platform gonna to be 2014-07-31
As the blog contest on china daily nearly finish now, I want to write a passage which responses to the first articles I wrote. How does people’s life reform the social media platform? In the first article that i wrote, I showed how I think the ...
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mini film played by the little 'us' 2014-07-31
They called themselves as little ants art troupe. The people come from this group whose average height not more than 1.28 meters. But they can play the special film---shadow puppet, and their performance are very popular among the people from ...
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My impression of Brugge 2014-07-31
city of Brugge   In 2012, I travelled to the Belgium as doing a practice in my course, to my surprise, the city of Brugge is more interesting than Brussels.   I didn't notice it before althoug ...
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New look of Bei Ning park 2014-07-31
the look of Bei Ning park gate before(picture from internet) the current look of Bei Ning park gate I have not been to ‘Bei Ning’ park for almost 20 years. It holds lots of good happy childhood m ...
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Amazing Chinese ink painting artist 2014-06-30
              Recently I made a small video about Lan Zhenghui- ...
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Too young to be a oversea Master student for Chinese ? 2014-06-30
According to the report, recently more and more undergraduates will continue their Master study aboard straightly. And the reason for going to ...
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Do we need a gap year? 2014-06-30
The concept of Gap Year is that young people originally from Europe and the United States before entering the university will choose travel instead, because they have not determined their own future, don't know their interests or doubt should ...
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One day work in European Parliament Strasbourg [video] 2014-06-28
In April,2012, I journeyed to European Parliament (Strasbourg, France) to do a series of interviews with members of the European Parliament as a part of my coursework. I only stayed there for one day but everything was i ...
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