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In Case We Forget About History 2019-04-08
The picture here shows that a universtiy professor standing behind a veteran at the venue in the celebration of the latter's 99th birthday. The event ...
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Third Day of Third Moon on Lunar Calendar, Our Own Holiday 2019-04-07
Today is April 7, but it is also the third day of the third moon on lunar calendar, a ceremonious holiday for Guangxi people. Before I w ...
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Welcoming the Second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation 2019-03-29
The late 1980s saw that our city, Nanning of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in the southern region, sent a host of engineers and construction teams ...
(5015) readings|(1) comments
Hard Struggle Years Before One Belt and One Road 2019-02-02
Nanning is a border city in the south of China, but during the years of 1988 to 2005, not less than 2,000 engineers or technicians were sent to work ...
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I Found the Important Evidence 2019-01-28
In my earlier blog posts, I presented the full-length novel "Dream of Morgan" but due to the unavailability of time I cannot make a translation so tha ...
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Embarrasment 2019-01-17
Today I browsed the news of some people paying an aid visit to poor families in remote hilly region before the Chinese New Year as one of their job of ...
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english2008 2018-3-29 20:31:37
GreenNanning: 除了一些表达不准确,如丢弃似可译为discard或scrap,之外,总体感觉是太囿于原文的结构,导致英语的表达比较不连贯。可以考虑把意思进行整合再进行翻译,特别是 ...
english2008 2018-3-3 12:54:43
人类社会发展过程中,会丢弃一些传统的文化符号,这是正常现象。但是,这种丢弃一定有某种特定原因。否则人们一定是想方设法地保存历史记忆。联合国的非物质遗产申遗,大约就是鼓励这种行为。而地名的历史文化深度和广度,甚至要超过许多被保护的物质文化遗产。究其原因,在一段时期内,与历史和文化虚无主义有关。民国初年,北洋政府甚至禁止中医公开营业,许多中国传统的节日也被取消,包括正旦(俗称过年),代之以阳历新年。后来大约群众的习惯力量太强大,才改成了春节。现在我们都把过年叫春节。许多地名的更改,改得越没有历史味道 ... ...
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