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  • Real NameAde Stephen
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  • ResidenceChina Zhejiang Hangzhou
  • Graduate schoolZhejiang University of Technology

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What would you do? 001 2015-12-30
What would you do if you are lucky to meet the Chinese president; Mr. Xi Jinping and he ask you to make a special end of the year request, promising t ...
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On this DAY in History,July 19,2012 2014-07-19
Russia and China veto of Syria sanctions condemned as 'indefensible' ...
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On this DAY in History,July 18,1931/August 18, 1931 (Chinese Lunar calendar) 2014-07-18
I WILL TRY TO MAKE THIS A REGULAR SEGMENT... July 18,1931 /  August 18, 1931 (Chinese Lunar calendar) On this day in 1931, the Y ...
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11 Points For Husbands To Note 2014-07-18
Due to popular demand, I think it will be fair to do a version of the previous topic " 11 Points For Wives To Note"  for parity reasons, h ...
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Photos: My Trip to Suzhou with the West Lake Envoy 2014-07-18
Suzhou city is a beautiful ancient city in Jiangsu province, I was on a two days trip with my fellow Hangzhou West Lake Ambassadors along side some le ...
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What is United in the United Nations? 2014-07-18
What is wrong with the Global peace? Should we say the United Nations treaties promoting global peace and the respect of sovereignty is a failure? ...
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Avrillove20 2016-7-24 03:36:48
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teamkrejados 2014-6-8 08:43:49
My friend, I owe you a thanks. I borrowed your writing style for my latest entry: I hate my roommate, too! I hope you get a good laugh out of it. Wish you a great day!
RosieLux 2014-6-6 10:36:02
Yesterday the blog was pending for appoaval. You can read it now, please try again.
beckris 2014-5-24 17:18:16
objchina: You are welcome to my friends' circle, I need your vote. ..
I already voted for you.
RosieLux 2014-5-21 13:55:19
objchina: Dear new Friend, I need your vote....
Please vote me, Objchina
I did. Please check~
Kabisco751 2014-5-20 01:59:34
Hi, is great to be connected with you. You are most welcome.we can be liaising with each other sharing ideas,experience and knowledge.Cheers
i'love'YOU 2014-5-17 09:27:03
i need your vote
my id is :  objchhina
   i feel so sorry..........objchhina
i'love'YOU 2014-5-17 09:25:49
i need your vote
my id is :  objchhina
which one is you??
i can't find you   
objchina 2014-4-4 17:06:12
Just asking, because it's been a while I see you commenting on this website
i'love'YOU 2014-4-4 16:12:40
objchina: where have you been?
I'm in Guangzhou.Why did you ask so?
objchina 2014-3-26 20:04:01
You are highly welcome..
dyqx1981 2014-3-26 19:03:07
objchina: welcome to my friend's circle
    thanks for inviate me to be your friend
Maierwei 2014-3-25 05:18:06
objchina: I am also in Hangzhou with you
I noticed! Right now I'm in Korea, but will be back to HZ untill next year or so.
objchina 2014-3-25 04:58:26
how are you?
seclusive 2014-3-24 21:43:44
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