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Shaykahorere's space [Favorite] [Copy] [Share] [RSS] Black beauty from Namibia


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  • We all can't be Kings or Bishops, the world needs pawns to keep humanity alive. Reply
  • Real NameMezeri Kahorere
  • GenderFemale
  • ResidenceChina Liaoning Dalian
  • Graduate schoolJ.M High School
  • EducationUndergraduate

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No, I don't speak "Namibian" 2014-04-01
No I don’t speak Namibian, as a matter of fact, there is no such language as “Namibian”. Because people from China speak Chinese and those from ...
(4929) readings|(22) comments
5 Mistakes never to commit in China 2014-03-25
1.        –Never say ''Ni hao’’   If all you know in Chinese is ‘ni hao’ and its half-exc ...
(8737) readings|(55) comments
China In A Glimpse 2014-03-21
I had the privilege to read a book titled: “A glimpse of Chinese culture”, a good book indeed that had me engrossed for hours on end. &nb ...
(3665) readings|(9) comments
Lessons China Taught Me 2014-03-17
BLOOD IS THICKER THAN WATER   If there is one thing that China taught me in plain sight is to value family ties, to love those ...
(3159) readings|(9) comments
The Ocean 2014-03-13
What lies beyond this vast land of waves? where does it end? what new beginning waits at its death? on the surface you seem so still but w ...
(3237) readings|(7) comments
BUT STILL..... 2014-03-11
Your words burn me like fire Your hatred like red coals But still like a phoenix from my ashes         & ...
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objchina 2014-6-6 12:42:04
where have you been?
tanxihua 2014-5-3 20:50:04
hi, could I know you?
tahking 2014-3-31 12:00:00
black rose, You are beautiful!
PEUA 2014-3-28 12:27:35
Shaykahorere: dankie neggie!
mbuae nao mbakondjo, its not all that but yeah... delays
seanboyce88 2014-3-27 23:38:41
Shaykahorere: so you Scottish?
Yeah, been studying here for 1 and a half years. Where you from, I seen pictures from namibia, is that where you are from?
Anming 2014-3-27 22:15:17
Shaykahorere: i hope i don't come off as too forward here, but if you don't mind me asking, where you from? i mean birthplace
I come from Austria.
ColinSpeakman 2014-3-21 05:30:01
Shaykahorere: hang on in there Collin, i will blog about Namibia soon yeah
Good! I look forward to it!
bull319 2014-3-19 19:51:14
welcome to be one of  my friends
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