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YES IT IS SO 2014-08-19
Ed ito r's Note : If anything, the experience of 2013 shows more clearly than ever the limits of China's old economic model ...
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THEJET 2019-4-10 12:14:59


*1. all those named as 'acting" in some supposedly official capacity of government such as "acting secretary of energy" or acting secretary of the interior are dismissed.
*2. there are no such authorized or official jobs of that sort

THEJET 2019-4-10 11:16:44
NINJAOA GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL WHITE HOUSE VISITATION pUB NOTED: UNAUTHORIZED *1. all lands whether on or off the coast for oil and gas drilling is prohibited. *2. anyone claiming to do this and is titled secretary or bureau chief or land management of whatsoever title is NOT AUTHORIZED and is subject to warrant for fraud and rico violations *3. the current reserves of petrol oil and gas are allowed to be used with the mandate of discontinuation and transfer to the approved fuels. ... ...
THEJET 2019-4-6 13:18:03
THE A PHONE RE: CONSOLE GAMES (XBOX PLAYSTATION NINTENDO AND ALL OTHERS) *1. making separate consoles for game play has been obsoleted. *2. advanced computers can run all the games and particulars of the manufacturer with compatible game controller and add-ons that work on any *3. this means simply a game icon on the desktop or suitable device allows the gamer to play with the xbox or playstation or nintendo or any other compatible of choice without buying another console device. *4 ... ...
THEJET 2019-3-25 13:35:30
NINJAOA GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL WHITE HOUSE INVESTIGATION "LOTTERY" pUB NOTED:ALL LOTTERY GAMING RICO ACT AND ANTI - CRIME SYNDICATE MEASURE *1. lottery gaming is now under investigation for international money laundering and racketeering tax evasion and hoarding and profiteering to crime syndicate *2. this does include a reserved summons for lottery officials and their unlawful collusion with foreign criminals to the purpose of money laundering *3. this does include the ... ...
THEJET 2019-3-22 03:33:09
NINJAOA GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL WHITE HOUSE COMMUNICATO pUB NOTED: LOUD SIRENS ....sirens have been put in place by ignorant and superstitious fellows who have un-wittingly put the effect of sonic blast bombs in communities throughout. these fellows have been warned for years by the NINJAOA GOVERNMENT of the danger and harm these sirens cause not only to the buildings but to also living creatures seemingly they do not care and con-tinue to blast the sirens some daily some weekly ... ...
THEJET 2019-3-18 15:17:17
NINJAOA GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL WHITE HOUSE RULING pUBLIC NOTED: SELECTIVE SERVICE DRAFTS *1. all selective service drafts, registering, and other former id cards of military drafts are both unlawful and illegal and therefore are abolished permanently *2. ALL MILITARY is defined as non aggression non combat work engagement for the benefit of country neighbors and doing good work. *3. all those engaged in combat training and wars of aggression are considered mercenaries for hire ... ...
THEJET 2019-1-30 02:15:30
NINJAOA GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL WHITE HOUSE JUDICIAL RULING PUBLIC NOTED: END ARRIVES FOR THE SO CALLED MUELLER PROBE *1. there is no such probe only the NINJAOA GOVERNMENT INVESTIGATION *2. the INVESTIGATION has put an end to the mueller probe because it is being used to collect monies not earned and to feed rampant media  of the criminal syndicate as (such grievous) being GOVERNMENT and to name complicit criminals for the very reason of prolonging pay checks and money la ... ...
THEJET 2019-1-27 08:13:04
NINJAOA GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL WHITE HOUSE RESPONSE PUBLIC NOTED: NO SUCH 800,000. FEDERAL WORKERS *1. the GOVERNMENT did not shut down; does not ever shut down; and IS NOT shut down *2, these reports from the so called news media have in error called those federal government when they are of the criminal syndicate and which certain corrupted agents agencies bureaus and criminal politics are shut down permanently by the NINJAOA GOVERNMENT *3. there are no 800,000 federal emp ... ...
THEJET 2019-1-20 08:23:15
NINJAOA GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL WHITE HOUSE MEMO PUBLIC NOTED: MEMO ice money *1. no crime syndicate governor has any authority to declare a weather emergency *2. there will be a investigative weather watch on the so called governors and crime syndicate for using the emergency as a stealth to ship counterfeit money across lines *3. there will be no fraud funds issued to these so called state governors or to the crime syndicate *4. this does include criminal syndicate po ... ...
THEJET 2019-1-8 09:38:23
NINJAOA GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL WHITEHOUSE ANNOUNCEMENT PUBLIC NOTED: SO CALLED MAJOR NETWORKS CBS, ABC, Fox and NBC *1. when so called 'analogue broadcasting" was active. these broadcasters were major because there was no other choice and they were not as worse as today *2. today they have lost any sense of journalism and have gotten worse to the point of under the feet news *3, these broadcasters are not recognized by the NINJAOA GOVERNMENT as having anything of real value to ... ...
THEJET 2019-1-8 09:02:20
NINJAOA GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL WHITE HOUSE RULING PUBLIC NOTED: TAX EVASION BY BORDER PATROL AND BARRIERS ENDED *1. the federal revenue service of the ninjaoa government does not employ border patrols and physical borders for the express purpose to deceive the public by rerouting due tax money to an offshore tax haven which deceptively is said to have "borders" and thus that makes it legal. *2. that does not make it lawful nor legal and never will be no matter if some kind of phy ... ...
THEJET 2019-1-8 07:39:39
James Axe 13 mins · NINJAOA GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL WHITE HOUSE ANNOUNCEMENT PUBLIC NOTED: CRIME SYNDICATE border and "GOFUNDME" CONTRACTORS *1. the GOVERNMENT does not employ crime syndicate contractors *2. all contractors who have by fraud were employed to build a physical barricade wall of steel and mortar and other materials on the former mexico and us border are hereby issued a warrant for hearing by the FEDERAL JUSTICE DEPARTMENT of the NINJAOA GOVERNMENT *3. all contr ... ...
THEJET 2019-1-8 04:39:41
NINJAOA GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL WHITE HOUSE COMMUNICATO PUBLIC NOTED: THE GOVERNMENT IS NOT IN CRISIS THE GOVERNMENT IS NOT IN ANY CRISIS NOR SHUT DOWN NOR IS THERE ANY BORDER STANDOFF *1. all programs that are authorized by the ninjaoa government which is THE GOVERNMENT is functioning *2. the departments that is referred to by FOX NEWS is not of THE GOVERNMENT but is of the crime syndicate which has a warrant issued for them for their criminal actions. this does include all th ... ...
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