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tedbrent 2015-11-20 08:21:58
Maierwei ,  when are you coming back to this forum ? I think you are truly talented.  Please be safe and take care of yourself.
Maierwei 2014-9-2 16:19:49
tedbrent : Then the principle reason why I decided to not show up here  regularly was straightforward  : I was brassed off with all kinds of groundless accusatio ... You speak my mind in a way I would never be able to express. I took a cab yesterday, the driver was a very polite and talkative 60 y.o gentleman who enjoyed talking about.... well, DNA. And that Koreans and Japanese are actually Chinese because of it. My rhetorical skills in Chinese aren't enough to quote som ... ...
tedbrent 2014-9-2 15:29:37
Guys, have fun here. I will be back two months later.                                   ...
Maierwei 2014-8-30 16:11:36
tedbrent : Yeah. it has been more than two months since the last time I visited China Daily's forum.  I'm okay, maierwei. Thanks for your concern. How have you b ... Thanks, things are same here     So you just lost interest in the forum? I feel like that from time to time as well... But as long as I'm here it provides me a channel to express my feeling about being here. Best! ...
Maierwei 2014-8-29 13:16:35
You haven't been around for a long time! Hope evertyhing is going well!
Maierwei 2014-5-17 13:47:14
Hello! Thanks for your comments as always.

Which city are you in? I'm in Hangzhou (came back yesterday after a 5 day break) and it's raining here A LOT. How are you recently and how is the weather there?

Take care!
tedbrent 2014-5-1 15:03:48
Happy Labour Day, dude.
SEARU 2014-5-1 09:10:54
Happy May Day !
Thank for your visit to my blog space !
SEARU 2014-4-28 15:02:57
Thank  for  the  flower  from  your  hand ,  that  smells  so  sweet  that  as  if  I  were  in  a  dream   or  in  drunk ; The  sweet  that  remains  in  your  hand  is  my  best  rega ... ...
tedbrent 2014-4-17 10:28:52
Dude, you must have misconstrued my original words.  if someone says something is tripe, then it means it's awful or terrible. By contrast, if someone says something is the  dog's bollocks ,  the mutt's nuts or the  bee's knees, then it means it's exceptional or superb.
SEARU 2014-4-17 09:46:16
tedbrent : You won't like my blog posts because they are just tripe. I wish I could write some good stuff. . In  China ,the  price  of  tripe  has   risen  up  along  with  that  of  beef .    If  you  think   your  blogs  are   tripe ,  that  should   be  wonderfu ... ...
tedbrent 2014-4-16 19:21:01
You won't like my blog posts because they are just tripe. I wish I could write some good stuff.
tedbrent 2014-4-16 18:50:49
I don't  recall ever seeing a guy with this name here.
tedbrent 2014-4-16 18:50:12
Thanks. Could you tell me who's wangwuming?
SEARU 2014-4-16 16:39:35
tedbrent : Ta. It would be fun to write something in English or Chinese here. I   think  your  english   is  more  wonderful   than   your  chinese .             In  other  words ,  I    prefer  your  english  blogs .    Just  show me ,  would  you ? ...
tombai999 2014-4-16 15:09:48
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