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  • Real Name李海涛/Castor Troy
  • GenderMale
  • Birthday1993 Year 7 Month 20 Day
  • BirthplaceChina Jilin Jilin
  • ResidenceChina Jilin Jilin
  • Graduate schooljilin university
  • EducationUndergraduate
  • ProfessionIT
  • Making friends purposeA hedge between keeps friendship green.

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Belle58 2013-10-11 07:55:55
http1205613211: no matter.i have already adaptation。
yes.. you are used to the cold weather..~
Belle58 2013-10-11 07:55:52
http1205613211: no matter.i have already adaptation。
yes.. you are used to the cold weather..~
Belle58 2013-10-9 08:16:13
http1205613211: ok.  no problm. i live jilin. will be so cold in Winter..
Belle58 2013-10-7 19:09:59
http1205613211: i am a syudent.
which part of China are you in? If I may ask;)
Belle58 2013-9-27 21:58:49
http1205613211: Long have you been working。

I love reading and I love to do go jogging and running too, how about you?
Belle58 2013-9-27 16:43:41
http1205613211: and you?
nothing specific but am working , so I only have time time in the evening
Belle58 2013-9-26 22:54:55
http1205613211: read book.
Good habit ~
whateverworks 2013-9-26 18:53:01
http1205613211: i am agree with you. but nothing i can do.i want konw where are  you going?
What do you mean where I'm going? Going from where?

Do u happen to use wechat?
劉恬 2013-9-26 08:13:29
http1205613211: I want to make friend with foreigners。can you help me?
劉恬 2013-9-26 08:11:54
http1205613211: are you live in china?
yes ,
whateverworks 2013-9-26 04:47:50
http1205613211: 你写繁体字。你学的是国语吗?
Just in my opinion, I don't support simplify characters. It's destroying our culture.
Aaron-Woodrow 2013-9-25 20:50:23
HI.Nice to be your friend.
whateverworks 2013-9-25 04:16:01
http1205613211: Where are you now
Belle58 2013-9-24 20:26:39
Hello, how are you doing?
SDIvester 2013-9-24 18:25:33
http1205613211: I want improve my englishi skill.
Staying on this forum and getting involved will help. The experience will make you try harder to improve your skills.
劉恬 2013-9-24 13:40:07
http1205613211: hello girl
hey .
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