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zzxxll 2016-2-7 16:58:48
possechic 2015-3-29 12:09:46
I see your page has a dragon~ chinese like worship the dragon which doesnt even exist~
heroes521 2014-6-1 08:48:03
Your homepage is so beautiful,I     alao love  Dragon.
Kabisco751 2014-5-25 04:16:29
African Day is quite a memorable and interesting occasion in the life of Africans in the whole world.On that note, the Liaoning University African student Association(LUASA) did a grand style celebration on Saturday the 24th of May 2014 to recognize this wonderful event.Look forward for my next post for an update on that.
teamkrejados 2014-5-20 15:12:53
Your page layout is amazing! How did you do it?
Glad to have you as a friend.
tanxihua 2014-4-29 20:26:16
the decoration of your blog is very special
Shaykahorere 2014-3-27 05:04:07
you better be ecstatic right now *smiles*
wahahachina 2014-2-28 00:24:57
wa..nice!are you americaman
seclusive 2014-1-31 20:51:11
RonJaDa 2013-12-5 13:13:46
Ha-ha-ha:      Thanks, Pal...
You are welcome , my friend.
RonJaDa 2013-12-3 08:48:24
Ha-ha-ha, nice new page look I like the changes and the new avatar
candicena 2013-11-12 08:52:37
thank you  for ur concern on me{:soso_e121:},i'm ok now,how about u ,everything go smoothly??
RonJaDa 2013-8-4 12:16:35
Hello that picture sure is unique and grabs attention.
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Jian Bing 2013-10-08
Another lovely Jian Bing , I love it...
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煎饼果子 (Jian Bing Guo Zi) 2013-09-10
I love Jian Bing. It uses superb natural ingredients without any artificial preservatives and flavors or colors.. ...
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