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xcaliber 2012-12-18 21:15:13
So what fungus colonies are decimated every day by the million what one more gonna matter?

It will make the Milky Way Galaxy a more sanitary place for decent beings to inhabit.
alicebrooke 2012-12-18 19:20:35
The Romulans are human who dress up for a TV soap opera. The Human Extinction Horizon Event (HEHE) is for real.
alicebrooke 2012-12-10 20:36:56
Well! That makes things much clearer, now that you have disentangled the interaction; all these doppelgangers, shadows of the past converging into one momentous event: and a Brave New World that shall be. But wait...the anthropology team from Gliese 710 does not arrive here for another 1.36 million years. The point is, is that Mr. Chechen lost the stomach for the away team after I had mentioned GRB`s hurtling down upon our position. I can assure you xcaliber, that I shall not flinch in the face ... ...
xcaliber 2012-12-5 23:57:14
Well! We are having this conversation so if he is right we need to see a psychiatrist. He thinks you are Smithi and I am Chechen, and we are from the mother ship, leading an anthropology away team. I think Chechen is in love with you, but he suspects you are not human but that you are Smithi, an agent of Imperial Intelligence Service. Only voice_cd knows that we are all really only fictional characters in a Romulan soap opera. ...
alicebrooke 2012-12-5 18:16:43
For some reason, Bandito seems to think that you and I, are one and the same person.
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