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understanding women is an attempt to understand the mind of God.

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I do not have to repeat that on a good day, I am an atheist and on a bad day, I am agnostic—and therefore, my use of GOD in this article runs alongside Einstein or Machio Kaku’s understanding of GOD.

My usage of GOD is not in reference to the God that takes side in wars or answers prayers. I am talking about a complex mind that runs parallel to logic and reason.

Women are largely seen as vulnerable, emotional and caring beings whose ways cannot be calculated, predicted and mostly their actions violate well defined laws…

Over the years, I’ve come to realize that most women are not vulnerable and are far from the well defined characters attributed to them. The truth about women is; they are complex and every complex entity cannot be easily understood, domesticated and bring to live under rules—except, of course if it is their own rules. Even that, they may get up one day and decide to vary the rules.

Holding unto any sort of relationship with such a complex being will definitely be characterised by shocks, surprises and mood swings—and as I said, these things can never be predicted or understood.

Most women do not want anything, yet they claim to want something. Most women believe in savings and yet want to buy expensive clothes.

The complexity of a woman’s mind is beyond measure and dealing with them on simple terms does not work. Even if you decide to jump to their complex level, it wouldn’t work—as the complexities will get jammed—-another reason why they don’t get on well with each other, I think…

Men are mostly fooled into believing it is the simple things that matter to women—of course these things do, but they are just the foundation stones to wanting the bigger things. Don’t ever get stuck with the simple things…

You can never win an argument with a woman and most men who have tried stealing a win eventually find themselves dead before achieving that. It is not that their arguments are exceptionally great, it is just that their arguments cover it all—no room for yours, except to agree!

Understanding the mind of any woman will take you longer than how long the universe has been in existence—and you definitely do not have that much time to live.

Women want hard working men and claim to adore such men, but at the same time, they want a man who will pay them the utmost attention—now, superman cannot even do this.

Women claim to have bad memories for the good things but outstandingly solid memory to keep track of how many times you screwed up. The best place to be is never to screw up—but remember, Jesus even screwed up once.

You ever want a person who wants to be complimented but never believes the compliment when it finally comes; look at the woman sitting next to you.

I have two legs but plenty shoes—and yet I cannot find any to wear when it really matters—this is one of the many worries of a woman. And who can understand how the mind of such a person works? It is surely not that man who cannot find his pair of socks when that is all he has.

Like some say “a quiet man is a thinking man and a quiet woman is usually mad”. The moment a woman says “No I am fine”, is the very moment you should start scrolling back to find out what you did wrong, because you have screwed up. And don’t be shocked to find out what you did wrong could actually be what she wanted some few minutes ago…

Women live in a world of reverse psychology. Do not drink from this cup and that is exactly the cup she wants to drink from. If you doubt this, think EVE!

God works in a mysterious way and so does women, the only difference is, women will tear down their grand design and start again.

Looking for ways to understand the complexities of God’s mind will make you insane—no wonder the men who tried this with women got mad along the way and left.

To me, instead of attempting to understand the mind and ways of a woman, just enjoy and love her ways while finding ways to remain sane as you tag along.

“If you ever dare want to have a feel of a woman’s mind, imagine a browser with 2857 tabs opened—all the time”.

Despite it all, we wouldn’t have been here today without them!

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Reply Report csj478504919 2014-8-10 09:51
ColinSpeakman: You are right: not all women are obsessed with shoes.. For some, it is handbags,   
And for more women, It is clothes.

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