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Share understanding women is an attempt to understand the mind of God.
2014-8-7 23:20
I do not have to repeat that on a good day, I am an atheist and on a bad day, I am agnostic—and therefore, my use of GOD in this article runs alongside Einstein or Machio Kaku’s understanding of GOD. My usage of GOD is not in reference to the God that takes side in wars or answers prayers. I am talking about a complex mind that runs parallel to logic and reason. Women are largely seen as vulnerable, emotional and caring beings whose ways cannot be calculated, predicted and mos ...
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Share The end of Spanish reign in world soccer!!
2014-6-20 01:30
I watched the match between Spain and chile last night, the final score line amp;nbsp;was a reflection of the end of Spanish reign in world soccer. Though surprises never cease to happen in World Cup tournament, this was unbelievable. I could not stop asking myself what really caused the downfall of Spain. Was it complacency, tactical indiscipline, managerial and organizational mishap or it was a mere repetition of history. Similar fate happened to the french and Italian teams, the last time th ...
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Share when was the last time you genuinely helped someone.
2014-4-20 01:41
Life is one hell of a dicey journey, mostly characterized by the notion of survival of the fittest. It is made more brutish by the lack of time on our hands. The race is jumpy and there is no room to lift or assist the falling souls.It is not your fault that you do not have a lot of time. Neither is it intentional that you do not have the time to freely give away to helping others…This is what life has become. It is either be part of the race or be left behind—-miserably. The rush has become m ...
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Share Your life is Far Better than Millions, Just that You Have Not Considered It
2014-4-11 00:24
I spent the late part of last year trying to help a friend jump back unto his feet. Without any strength needed to chase life left in him, I struggled to let him see the countless reasons why he should keep going and the fact that his life is far better than millions of others, contrary to what he believes… My friend lost his job mid last year and after spending weeks looking for a new one without any success, he decided to take his little savings and a bit of loan he obtained to start his ow ...
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