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Share The Technology Moguls Who Gave Big In 2012
rainyweather 2013-1-6 18:19
The founders of Facebook Inc., eBay Inc. and Google Inc. dug deep for good causes in 2012. Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg topped the list of Silicon Valley donors of stock to charity in a study by compensation firm Equilar Inc. commissioned by The Wall Street Journal. The 28-year-old gave $498.8 million in Facebook stock to charity in 2012, all of which came in a gift in December of 18 million shares to the Silicon Valley Community Foundation for projects in education and health. Th ...
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Share Learning online guide
rainyweather 2013-1-6 18:16
There is more to attending an online class than simply connecting to the Internet and gazing at the monitor. You also need to know how and where to find the lectures, as well as which ones are suitable for your needs and interests. Our dummies’ guide will help you make full use of free online lectures. Where can I find them? Video sharing websites: Go to or, and you can watch the videos online. Be patient in your search. Easy key words are “公开课” plus the universit ...
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Share Love is new for 'golden age' kids
rainyweather 2013-1-6 18:06
MOST people don`t need a game show to find love. While college celebrities Ma Yimi and Xie Jia bounce between potential boyfriends on Jiangsu TV`s You are the One, many university students have already found their match. Campus life provides young Chinese a window to explore their own independence. Many start dating for the first time, looking for love and learning life lessons. "In high school, teachers and parents want students to bury their heads in textbooks to prepare for exams," sa ...
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Share Our love affair with cars
rainyweather 2013-1-6 17:52
Six months after getting his first job as a hospital administrator in Wuhan, Li Zhenxing wants to buy a car. He wants it so bad that the 24-year-old came to Beijing this week for the annual auto exhibition to see what’s on offer. He is in good company. China’s booming auto industry has been fuelled by young people’s passion to own cars. A survey conducted by the British Council in China indicated that given the money, more than 80 per ...
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Share My learning diary-different ways to say "Goodbye"
rainyweather 2013-1-6 17:49
1. 再见。Good-bye. 2. 再见。Bye! 3. 再见了。See you. 4. 我走了。I'm off now. 5. 我必须告辞了。I have to go. 6. 祝你好运。Good luck. 7. 祝你有美好的一天。Have a nice day. 8. 祝周末愉快。Have a nice weekend. 9. 祝你好运。Good luck 10. 好好玩。Have fun. 11. 就照这样继续下去。Keep it up! 12. 不要太累了。Don't work too hard! 13. 祝旅途愉快。Have a nice trip! 14. 愉快地玩吧。Have a good one ! 15. 我不走不行了。I hate to run ,but... 16. 很高兴遇见你。It ...
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Share The Short Path To First Class
rainyweather 2013-1-6 17:46
The top ranking in frequent-flier programs has long been considered the privilege of elite road warriors -- people who buy expensive tickets, spend their working lives traveling and always get upgraded and pampered. But with a relatively modest investment of $4,000 to $7,000 a year and some creativity and adventurousness, an occasional traveler can buy top-tier status and turn it into tens of thousands of dollars worth of business-class upgrades on international trips, plus bonus miles, airpor ...
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Share Chinese Fly Cash West, by the Suitcase
rainyweather 2013-1-6 17:45
Amid a rush of newly affluent Chinese eager to move money out of China, U.S. and Canadian border officials are seizing large amounts of cash tucked into wallets, purses and suitcases at airports across North America. Officials at Canada's two busiest airports─Toronto and Vancouver─seized around 12.9 million Canadian dollars ($13.0 million) in undeclared cash from Chinese nationals from April 2011 through early June 2012, according to documents provided to The Wall Street Journal by the Canad ...
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