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Share Visit the Wugong Mountain
劉恬 2013-7-23 14:00
Visit the Wugong Mountain
Wugong mountain is the highest peak in the jiangxi province,it reaches 1918.3metres . it covers 100 hundreds mu high mountain meadow,sea of clounds ,peaks in group. it takes 4hours to climb the top of the mountain at least .hence,don't forget to take the sufficient water and food. due to the food and water in the top of the mountain is expensive .and you'd better to take the tent in the mountain . Here is the pictures of wugong mountain taken by last weekend . ...
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Share heartbeats
劉恬 2013-3-25 13:31
i can't figured out ,it is meant to be this way ,easy words so hard to say ,konwing how you feel ,knowing if this is real ,itell me am i mistake ,please don't let me go ,i just want to stay ,can't you feel my heartbeats ,giving me away,i just wanan konw ,if you feel afraid ,i can feel your heartbeats ,giving you away ,giving us away . i can't understand ,how it's making sense .that we put up such denfense.when all need to know . i canont how make senes ...
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Share diary
劉恬 2013-3-13 01:43
12th March Tuesday The civil service examniation is coming .i have never been planed to take the examination before .because it is a silm chance to me in my opinion .however ,i just prefer to spend time in learing my English . My cousin who work in provincial party committee adviseme to attend the exam .i hesitate which way i should choose .
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Share study notes
劉恬 2013-3-12 01:18
long timeno write somgthing .today is monday . a peice of cake 小菜一碟 a peice of work 麻烦 if we can change a piece of work into a piece of cake ,our life will be more hanppier .
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Share Sometimes you just need to put the past away and move on with your life.
劉恬 2013-1-14 12:51
Sometimes you just need to put the past away and move on with your life.有时候你需要放下过去,才能继续生活。 life is just like a box of chocolate,you never konw what you gonna get.生活就像一盒巧克力,你永远也不知道你拿的下一块会是什么味道的。
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Share take notes
劉恬 2013-1-10 01:39
it's not rocket science 一件很简单的事情。
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Share Caught in the Web
劉恬 2012-11-11 00:21
Caught in the Web
today is is rainy and cold .i didn't go out and stay in my dorm whole day .i have see two films .i like the actress Gaoyuanyuan since i have seen the film called Caught in the Web and she is so beautiful .this film is awesome chinese film to me . if you never see it ,i recommend the film to you .
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Share study notes
劉恬 2012-11-8 13:14
study notes
the 18th CPC(Communist Party of China ) national congress. The scientific outlookondevelopment . reform and opening up the wideth gap between rich and poor . there is still "much room for improvement in our work" and there are "a lot of difficulties and problems on our road ahead",
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Share 2012.11.7
劉恬 2012-11-7 13:18
congraturations,obama has won the re-election in USA presidential race .weattch the importance the focus on how deal with the relationship bewteen china over the next four years . we know In this year's US presidential elections, China is increasingly finding itself the focus of attention.
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Share True love never dies
劉恬 2012-11-6 13:16
Do you believe in there exsits true love around us ?Yes,i trust it no doubt . there are several couples have prove the true love .recently ,i saw a report about the love laddy of china .that is a touching story .if you never heard the news ever ,i advise you can read about it . i am eager to pursue a true love .
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