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Opium is the opium of the American people

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 Apparently the communist Karl Mark said that -"Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people" and since then calling this or that 'the opium of the masses/people' has become somewhat of a meme with people often calling this or that 'the opium of the masses/people'. People seem to be forever coming up with new 'opiums of the people' whether it be rock and roll, football, tv, the Internet, social media and on and on. It seems to be the same types that love to use the word 'Orwellian' that are most likely to imitate Karl Marx and say that something is 'the opium of the people'. What I wondered is - was Karl Marx on opium?  And what/who is the opium the opium of? Is the ruling class on opium? Anyway in recent years opium has become the opium of the American people with record numbers of Americans overdosing on opium. Opium is the opium of the American people. 

Apparently the reason for the record number of American opium overdoses in recent years is not a spike in heroin junkie overdoses but the fact that many law abiding American citizens are getting addicted to legal pain killers that are being given to them by a doctor - like Micheal Jackson. Apparently the main prescription opium drug that law abiding Americans are overdosing on is a drug called oxycontin. Apparently Canada has actually banned oxycontin. And since oxycontin are so easy to get there is a lot of people selling the oxycontins that they get from a doctor to drug users/opium addicts for a profit. 

I know a guy that had oxycontins given to him by a doctor for years because his stomach exploded inside of him and he had to go to the toilet through a bag in his stomach for a while until they sewed his stomach back together. Apparently this kind of thing can just happen to people. Anyway this guy did almost die and they had to cut sew his guts back together or whatever so he was in a lot of pain while he was recovering from all of this and the oxycontins seemed to do a great job of taking his pain away but his doctor just kept giving him scripts for high milligrams - I think he had 80 mg and the highest is 160 mg - and he was getting a lot of them as well as other pain killers like as many boxes of panadeine forte that he wanted as well as some other pain killer. 

It was obvious after a year had passed that he should have been taken off the oxycontin but the doctor kept giving them to him and I remember him complaining to me that his chemist was giving him hassles about how many pills he was getting - yet the doctor kept giving him the scripts. It wasnt until this doctor actually moved and the guy ended up with a new doctor that was shocked by all of these pain killers the guy had been taking for so long that he stopped getting the oxycontin scripts. 

The guy could have gone to another doctor and kept getting whatever he wanted but thankfully for his sake he took the sane doctors advice and got off the oxycontins - and he did say that he suffered badly with withdrawl when he did it. I blame the doctor for this guy becoming an opium addict. I think that my friend knew himself that he had become addicted to the oxycontin and he knew that he should not still be on them after so long and that he was an abuser but ultimately it is the doctor that is to blame because a person should be able to trust the advice of a doctor.

I have known some heroin junkies in my lifetime and like oxycontin, or 'oxies' but when I was younger the big pill they all seemed to like was a sleeping pill called mogadon. Apparently mogadon is a benzodiazepine and heroin junkies use them if they cant get any heroin. I have never known any heroin junkie to like taking a suppository like Ewan McGregor does in that scene in the film Trainspotting but my friend that had his stomach burst inside of him did get some pain killers that were suppositories. He said he didnt like taking them either even though they were pretty good. Was that a suppository in the Trainspotting scene? It wasnt an oxy or a mogadon that he was getting to take later was it? But yeah its not just oxies that are being abused but many many different kinds of drugs.

I am not big on pharming but when I was younger I used to like to mix codeine with pot and alcohol. My favourite were the yellow Mersyndol brand but I would buy another one called Dolased or the chemists generic brand. I used to go to a lot of different chemists and buy a heap of boxes of these condiene pills and then I would take four or six of them and then smoke some pot and drink a few alcoholic drinks - usually a long neck or two. You can get smashed as hell on six Mersyndol, some pot and a couple of long necks and it doesnt cost much at all. The box of Mersyndol says 'Do not mix with drugs and alcohol' or something but increasing the effects of drug and alcohol can save you a lot of money of drugs and alcohol right? 

Another pill I used to like was a sleeping pill called Restavit. I am pretty sure that it was the doxylamine succinate that I liked. The Restavit were good to mix with drugs and alcohol too. You can bring on sleep deprivation affects with pills like Restavit if you can stay awake and it is also cool to take some Restavit and then take some No-Doze pills and drink an energy drink and then smoke some pot. You could feel like you are walking on a cloud. 

The best thing about pills like Mersyndol and Restavit is that you do not need a script from a doctor to get them - you can just buy them over the counter at a chemist. But nowadays you cannot just go to a heap of chemists and buy a heap of Mersyndols at a time because now the chemists take down your name and address before they will sell you any codiene pills. Because of people like me I guess. You could probably still buy I heap of Restavit - all of the heat seems to be on the codiene - I think it is still possible to abuse the doxylamine succinate.

Even more common than codiene abuse in Australia by lower than heroin junie drug abusers seems to be the panadeine forte. Panadeine Forte. I have abused them with drugs/pot and alcohol but I never really liked them because they kind of make me feel heavy where the Mersyndol and Restavit make me feel light. Or something. But lots of people abuse the panadeine forte and the main reason is because anyone with a sore back seems to be able to get a script for them and they end up getting passed around from drug abuser to drug abuser. But a panadeine forte isnt going to do much for a heroin junkie. They like to get vomit on themselves and pass out smashed. Your average junkie could take a box of panadeine forte and it wouldnt do much for them at all. But panadeine forte is just as big a problem as codiene abuse - if not bigger.

So I do agree that it is probably not the best for people to be pharming prescription and over the counter drugs to get smashed and it is a problem that doctors are over prescribing addictive drugs like oxycontin but then again isnt it safer for drug users to get smashed on prescription drugs rather than to get smashed on drugs that come from some drug dealing criminal? I have never been a fan of taking any kind of chemical drugs that some drug dealer has made because I do not trust what is in the drugs. I have known guys that cooked speed/ice and I wouldnt even want to use their bathroom let alone put something into my body that a guy like that cooked up in his bathroom. The other thing is that the further down the line you are from the original maker of the drug the more likely the drug has been cut with something and for all you know it was washing powder or something. Heroin junkies are always dying from 'hot shots' or heroin that has been cut with something bad but this happens to speed/ice users all the time as well. MDMA/exctasy are the same - I wouldnt trust them - and the same with trips. 

Any drug that some drug dealer has made should not be trusted in my opinion - we all remember what happened Anna Wood - but if I get drugs from a doctor or chemist I can be confident that the drug is what I think it is which is a lot safer right? So isnt it better for a drug abuser to abuse prescription or over the counter drugs than it is for them to abuse drugs that a drug dealer has cooked up? 

What do you think should be done about the American opium epidemic? Should America ban the oxies like Canada did? Or are opium addicts better off getting smashed on a few oxies than they are getting smashed on some heroin they bought from a drug dealer? Would it be better if chemical recreational drug use was controlled and regulated by the state and corporations rather than by criminals since so many people seem to be into pharming? 

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