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The value of a human life

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"The value of life is an economic value used to quantify the benefit of avoiding a fatality" - wikipedia/Value of life

One thing that I truly hate are insurance commercials. I am Australian and when I was a young kid in the 80s you would never see insurance commercials but now that Australian society has been Americanized and people have to get every kind of insurance under the sun apparently it seems that every second commercial on tv is for some kind of insurance. It may be more than every second commercial because you often get a pet insurance commercial followed by a life insurance commercial and then you may even get a vehicle insurance commercial after that. And then you may get a funeral insurance one after those. And then medical insurance. Yes now that I am thinking about it I am sure that it is more than every second commercial on tv that is trying to sell insurance. 

I am a socialist and insurance is a very capitalist idea so that is the main reason I hate insurance commercials but as long as there are acceptable public options I can handle medical insurance commercials and things like house/contents/vehicle insurance I actually do agree with because I am more of a national socialist I guess than a hard communist - I believe in the idea of private property and the idea of people insuring their private property makes sense to me anyway. What I do not like is the idea of life insurance because this allows capitalists to actually value peoples lives according to their wealth. It is outrageous enough that capitalists will push the idea that the life of a doctor is more valuable than the life of a cleaner but even worse is when western/American capitalists value the life of poor people from the third world as less than poor people from the west. 

The reason capitalists can get away with paying less to compensate the family of a poor third world person that was killed in a factory fire in India than a poor westerner that has gotten diarrhea while they were on a cruise is because we let them get away with this life insurance nonsense. How much is a human life worth? According to capitalists it has a lot to do with your net worth and annual income - and also the value of your nations fiat currency if you have no surplus or ability to purchase/hold other currencies. So the life of a surplus capitalist is worth the most and the life of an unskilled worker from the third world is worth basically nothing. So yeah - I am not a big fan of life insurance commercials. 

So I do not like the idea of life insurance but I hate the commercials even more because the working class to upper middle class husbands in these commercials are always such cucks. They will always have some annoying unattractive late 20s to 40 out of shape wife that is nagging the working class to upper middle class husband that is a massive cuck to get life insurance. They always go along the lines of the annoying unattractive wife nagging about what her and the kids would do if the cuck husband suddenly died somehow. The cuck husband totally agrees and he makes a quick and easy call to a friendly operator to get some affordable life insurance. Its that simple. Of course working class to middle class husbands are massive cucks but there is no need to make fun of them in my opinion. Especially if you want them to buy life insurance. They mix it up a little here and there. Maybe the cuck husband has the idea to get life insurance because how would the unattractive past her prime wife pay the car and house repayments and feed the children and what not without his income? And the unattractive wife totally agrees and he makes a quick and easy call to get life insurance. Rarely - very rarely - you get a hot wife. But   every husband in these life insurance commercials is always a massive cuck and they make me want to vomit. But I saw a life insurance commercial the other day that I loved.

So in this life insurance commercial the bread winner is a quite unattractive 30-35 overweight beast of a wife that is sitting in her lounge room with no shoes on and she has disgusting fat feet. Her much more attractive effeminate looking husband comes in and sits with her to watch tv. The beast of a wife is wondering out loud how the much better looking husband-wife will pay the house repayments and car repayments and Chloes daycare fees without her breadwinning income. She declares that it would be a good idea for her to get life insurance and the much better looking husband that has been watching tv and is only half listening looks at her and shrug-nods an if you want so she dials the number on the screen. This was the first life insurance commercial that had a female as the breadwinner and she even had a bit of a poor mans trophy husband. It was hilarious. And I was thinking God what a cuck about the wife-husband but then I thought that he is probably a lot smarter than the working class to upper middle class cucks with annoying ugly nagging wives on the rest of our Australian life insurance commercials because he is not paying to be a cuck husband with an ugly annoying wife - he is getting paid. So who is the bigger cuck? I would say the male working class to middle class breadwinners. Just because nobody wants to have sex with your wife doesnt mean that you cant be a massive cuck


Most of you are massive cucks. That is why capitalists get away with all of the stuff they do isnt it. Dont you agree? 

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