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Silicon Valley robot terminates itself

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I was just watching some news and I saw a hilarious story about some Silicon Valley security robot drowning itself in a water fountain.

Ha. This is very funny to me because I hate the scum that work at Silicon Valley and I love to see them fail. This idiotic security robot that cant even navigate a city street without falling into a fountain is proof positive that the goofballs that work at Silicon Valley are utterly worthless. Artificial Intelligence? No wonder we all have to keep our hands on the steering wheel while we are driving around in one of Elton Musks so-called 'self driving' Teslas right? The goofballs of Silicon Valley cant even design a robot that can navigate a footpath/sidewalk.

I remember laughing my ass off a few years ago when I read a news item about these funny looking security robots that Silicon Valley had made. I thought the robots were funny because to me they look like something that was designed for a Dr Who episode right? I am guessing that for inspiration the goofballs of Silicon Valley sit around watching old Dr Who episodes right? EXTERMINATE!

And the original story about these silly Silicon Valley robots was funny to me because some young female Silicon Valley was standing next to the silly looking robot - actually, I am pretty sure she was hugging it - and to me the story seemed to be a case of capitalists and their scumbag employees trying to menace us masses. You know how capitalists are so gleeful when they tell us all that robots are going to take all of our jobs? It makes them so happy to fantasize about that doesnt it? But yeah - the original story seemed to be saying - And if you try to overthrow us you wont be able to because look! We paid our Silicon Valley minions to make Dr Who robots to protect us.

The original story was so funny because the robots just dont look scary at all. They look funny. And I am certain that I could smash one of those Silicon Valley robots up by wearing a mask and attacking it with a baseball bat. But apparently you can just push them in some water. Would a bucket of water be enough to kill one? A hose? If you knocked one over with your car would it even be able to stand back up again? These stupid robots are sure as hell not going to have the John Conners of the world concerned in any way are they?

And now look. The next I hear about these silly Silicon Valley robots one of them has fallen into a fountain because the Artificial Intelligence coming out of Silicon Valley is dumb as hell.

These idiotic goofballs of Silicon Valley keep telling us that they are going to change the way we live our lives but what have they made that is so great anyway? An app to order a pizza? Wow.. They made some stupid apps did they? Ha. What the hell else are they making at Silicon Valley? What is it? They cant make a self driving car that you can actually drive you around unless you have your hands on the steering wheel. So no, they have not made any self driving vehicles. They cant even make a robot that can wheel itself down a footpath. And why doesnt the robot have legs? Silicon Valley cant get robots to walk unless they spend a fortune. And even then would you trust it not to trip over all the time if the Silicon Valley goofballs made it? What else are they making? 3D tv? Ha. Who cares? What else? Google glass? Pass. What else are they working on at Silicon Valley? Contact lenses that can check a persons blood sugar? ....  HA! Fantastic! More apps? Maybe they will make some more apps for us.

So yeah, these Silicon Valley robots are certainly no T-800 Terminators are they? What a joke the goofballs of Silicon Valley are.

So are you as disappointed with the AI that is coming out of Silicon Valley as I am? How long do you think it will be before Elton Musk can make a Tesla that can actually drive itself without you having to have your hands on the steering wheel just in case the AI drives you into a water fountain or a school bus full of young children?

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