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Report Joy4life 2013-5-12 15:17
My name is Joy kassala. i will gladly like to be good friend to you, here is my email address ( i will tell you more about my self by email reply, see you soon Yours in friendship Joy kassala.
Report celiadama22 2013-3-23 03:13
My name is celia, i saw your profile and it was interesting so i would like to know more about you. It will be a pleasure to read from you, if you wouldn't mind, you can email me in private at ( so that i can reply you quickly and also send my picture for you to know me. I want you to know that real love matters. I will be expecting your mail soon, kiss.
Your lovely new friend,
Report techboy1 2013-2-16 03:26
Thank you Crimsonwolf and Happy New Year to you!!
Report crimsonwolf 2013-2-13 10:35
Happy new Chinese year of snake!
Report Juliannanewtime 2013-1-11 13:22
How could you know my name?
Report Juliannanewtime 2013-1-11 13:20
Hey dear techboy,
I am a Interpreter lady located in Qingdao city, Shandong Province, china.
Which country are you from?
Where re you at present?
Report fistofmay 2012-11-28 11:27
hehe...just say hello to you here!!!
Report techboy1 2012-11-25 07:18
Hi Swift, my name is Mike
Report swiftxy 2012-11-24 09:24
techboy1: Hi!, what is your name?
Report swiftxy 2012-11-23 20:24
techboy1: Hi!, what is your name?
My name is swift,what about you?
Report swiftxy 2012-11-23 08:01
techboy1: Hi!, what is your name?
My name is Swift.And what's your name?
Report swiftxy 2012-11-8 14:46
Report techboy1 2012-9-17 21:22
Hello crimsonwolf,
Yes that is me, from looking at your list of works it looks like you have a passion for writing. This is very admirable quality, I wish i could write sometimes. Your job sounds interesting, as for me i work for a Oil/Gas service company as a Hydraulic stimulation engineer. My passions include astronomy and history, wish i ghad more time to pursue haha.
Report crimsonwolf 2012-9-17 15:45
techboy1: Nice to meet you, are you a writer? I would like to learn more about what you do friend.
Hello, techboy!
Is the avatar your own portrait? I do write something in my spare time, but not a professional writer. I am working for a state owned shipping company, job is to purchasing marine fuels for the container ships.
What about you?
Report techboy1 2012-9-7 07:25
Hi Yuanyuan! nice to meet a friend on the site, i am new here
Report 原野0324 2012-9-6 20:08
techboy1: Hi, what is your name?
hello, you can call me Yuanyuan
Report wxk105 2012-9-6 12:24
hi ,what a nice day !Do you have MSN account?
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