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Share Nostalgia
Riz 2016-10-24 02:17
Remember the dew drops on the grass in the cold winter mornings on your way to school? And that smell from the trees and the fog, your bag of books, your grey school pants, and a white shirt over which you wore a navy blue blazer and it had that school insignia? Some times you would run, and then again walk, and you had that excitement in your nature and the nature around, all over? I think you remember the squirrels you fed withthe bread you used to save for them from the lunch box that ...
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Share Aloneness.
Riz 2016-10-22 03:06
Alone time is the time when we reflect upon us inside out, the ideas recollected and explored in those late night hours when the peace rules, it’s the time of creation, introspection. Aloneness is a pleasure of one’s own companionship. It’s the time when you meet you for a close conversation, the things reveal, answers to the questions show up, those knots untangled, burdens released. Only if we know what aloneness means. It’s about self-discovery, a journey you’ve embarked upon, an ...
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Share What's Self-Loving?
Riz 2016-10-19 00:33
What's Self-Loving?
After all, love is about giving. If you can’t have an awesome time by yourself, you will never be able to be happy in a relationship. It’s really all about your inner music and focus on the purpose. The real core issue here is loving yourself first and having a great relationship with you first, focusing on your life and your life style, creating a life that you’re proud of. If you’re not happy, a relationship is not going to make you happy. You’ve got to get to a place where you ca ...
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Share An Attitude of Gratitude.
Riz 2016-10-17 16:30
An Attitude of Gratitude.
Many of us people feel anxious and discomfort when we think about the things we don’t have and we want to have them, and sometimes it frustrates us. Lost in this thought pattern, we seem to forget about the things that we have which many people dream to have. I met with a man today with no legs and he rode a small four wheel cart pushing it with his one hand. As I walked passed him I greeted him with a ‘Ni hao’. He looked up at me and greeted me back with a big smile ...
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Share Naysayers- Advice Needed.
Riz 2016-10-16 18:03
Naysayers- Advice Needed.
Do you happen to know someone whose favorite phrase is ‘I hate (……….)!’ and they say it so frequently about most of the things in life? They love to complain, moan and groan about weather, food, people, culture, and they complain about something which is not even related to them directly. For example, you hear them say, ‘I don’t like her hair, or I don’t like the way she dresses.’ They happen to be very opinionated about Everything that is related to them or not. The thi ...
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Share Internet Addiction.
Riz 2016-10-15 21:55
Internet Addiction.
Not sure if we should call it an addiction but it, more or less, renders similar effects as any addiction. It pushes you to check face book alerts and all kinds of alerts time and again, before, during and after anything you’re busy with. May it be your work, eating, writing a homework assignment, and even sitting by the most loved person, you find yourself punching on your phone keys. I googled ‘Internet Addiction’ in order to get more info and ...
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Share Memories Remain.
Riz 2016-10-14 01:07
Memories Remain.
We would play baby games when we were together. We would go out in the rain and walked in the streets, soaking ourselves laughing out loud crazily with no care for tomorrow. We lived in the moment and made it perfect as if it would never come back, and it never did. It wasn’t like romantic as in the movies but very natural as if spontaneous love happening at all times, it was more like two five year old kids playing in the mud. She was the wind beneath my wings, taught me how to ...
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Share My Funny Teaching Story.
Riz 2016-10-11 22:34
My Funny Teaching Story.
I’ve been teaching English for over two decades now and it brings me lots of happiness and satisfaction. This keeps my spirits young and enthusiastic at all times because hanging out with young people is the part of my profession. This also invites so much fun and humor in my life which becomes a memory. I want to share some such occasion when a lesson turns out to be Laughter Episode. This happened at a training school a few years ago. It was my first day at that school. I was ...
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Share Humility-It's Beautiful!
Riz 2016-10-10 22:35
Humility-It's Beautiful!
There are a few things in life which we don’t choose because we’re born with them. For example, place of birth, race, color of the skin, religion or belief, nationality, name, parents etc. And, there are a lot of things we which can choose, as we grow up and begin to see life differently. We can change our character and improve our self in education, attitude and behavior. We can improve our looks by keeping an exercise routine and healthy diet. We can choose to be A Giver, a co ...
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Share Chase Your Words!
Riz 2016-10-9 14:30
Chase Your Words!
Life is a chance. It depends upon how we avail this chance. It depends if we choose to live in the comfort zone and settle in at a phase where we keep complaining, moaning and groaning but we never make a move to get out of that zone which is killing us every day and night. There’re only two ways. Either we’re living the life or the life is living us. Most of us break promises which we make to our self. We decide on starting a new hobby, habit but when the time comes, we back off and p ...
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