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Share Be Uncomfortable, to Be comfortable.
2016-10-1 23:50
Be Uncomfortable, to Be comfortable.
“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” ― Helen Keller, The Open Door What a beautiful, powerful quote for the ones who are living with a low level esteem, anxiety, and stuck in the negative thoughts about themselves and the life over all. Yeah, what else is life about if not filled with thrill and adventure. There's no fun in living if there's no risk involved. Playing safe will get youno where. Life will scare you more and more if you are always playing safe. Dare to ...
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Share You're Irresistable!
2016-9-29 11:06
You're Irresistable!
Let's start with the concept of speed. 1697, Newton's Laws of Motion. The First Law states, ' An object in motion remains in motion until acted upon by an external force.'This law helps exterminate all negative forces and we can remain in constant motion if we choose to. This law is taught in schools and colleges, and it's all around you. If you eliminate unnecessary external forces, your speed will never lose its motion. What I mean by Unnecessary forces is that internal dialog that mos ...
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Share Habits
2016-9-28 15:55
Our habits make us, or they break us. Now it depends upon us whether we adopt constructive habits or vice versa. Our everyday choices define us. Our success depends on those small, little bit things that we do in our daily routine. Habits also become our nature if we practice them regularly for an extensive period of time. Someone who has a habit of getting up early morning with the birds and go out in the open, run, sweat, and breathe fresh air will always feel uncomfortable when one da ...
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I am a teachers' trainer. I write articles about English teaching and learning.

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  • An Attitude of Gratitude. 2019-2-28 16:55

    So true! The happiest people are happy with what they have. I think a sign of happiness is the question, "What can we do together?" since it usually happens after the basic needs are handled and there is no striving, no emergency... only time to convert into something good. Thanks for your blog - it's nice to read.

  • Pornography- A clear and present menace. 2017-2-10 10:01

    Porn may be harmful to some but for many, it's very healthy.

    Stress is a constant of the human condition. It causes the body to secret hormones that are detrimental to the physical and mental health of human beings.

    Sex is an activity that alleviates stress. When climax is achieved, the body releases a plethora of both physically-enhancing and mood-elevating hormones, defeating stress.

    For males, available sex partners are often hard to find. Though not as fulfilling as the human touch of another, porn provides an alternative stress-mitigator to sex.

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