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  • What's on your mind...Personal growth and development is my current and continual venture in life because life gets boring if development stops. It aligns everything. Thought action mind body spirit. Reply
  • What's on your mind... Reply
  • Real NameRizwan
  • GenderMale
  • Birthday1967 Year 12 Month 12 Day
  • ResidenceChina Shandong Binzhou
  • Graduate schoolUniversity of The Punjab.
  • EducationSpecialist
  • CompanyHuamei English Language Academy
  • ProfessionEnglish Language Instructor
  • PositionForeign Expert
  • Making friends purposeSharing ideas
  • hobbyWriting blogs,journals, articles on self-improvement. Creating videos on the subject of How to bring in a change within, and become the Full, complete version of myself, inspiring and getting inspired by the people who have done something incredible and they changed their life. I practice speaking because I want to be the best speaker in the world. That's my dream.
    I listen to the motivational speakers online and off line. I wanna tap into the unlimited potential that all of us are born with, beyond the limits, far away from the comfort zone. That's what my hobby is.

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Nostalgia 2016-10-24
Remember the dew drops on the grass in the cold winter mornings on your way to school? And that smell from the trees and the fog, your bag of books, ...
(6275) readings|(7) comments
Aloneness. 2016-10-22
Alone time is the time when we reflect upon us inside out, the ideas recollected and explored in those late night hours when the peace rules, it’ ...
(4778) readings|(2) comments
What's Self-Loving? 2016-10-19
After all, love is about giving. If you can’t have an awesome time by yourself, you will never be able to be happy in a relationship. It’s reall ...
(5009) readings|(0) comments
An Attitude of Gratitude. 2016-10-17
Many of us people feel anxious and discomfort when we think about the things we don’t have and we want to have them, and sometimes it frustrates ...
(2813) readings|(1) comments
Naysayers- Advice Needed. 2016-10-16
Do you happen to know someone whose favorite phrase is ‘I hate (……….)!’ and they say it so frequently about most of the things in life? They ...
(3135) readings|(0) comments
Internet Addiction. 2016-10-15
  Not sure if we should call it an addiction but it, more or less, renders similar effects as any addiction. It pushes you to check fac ...
(5872) readings|(6) comments

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voice_cd 2016-10-10 09:45:12
Hi Riz~are you interested in writing articles about interesting things happened during your  English teaching work in China? We would like to publish it via our wechat platform and website. Plz contact me via Email: Longjing for your reply!
teamkrejados 2014-8-14 08:21:52
Riz : I feel loved by reading your letter. I called you Doctor because I saw that on your profile. You're so full of passion and you emit that. I can receiv ... Dear Riz, thank you for pointing out my mistake. I have no idea how 'dr' showed up on my profile. As soon as you said so, I changed it to a less lofty title   I'm very glad to hear back from you, and excited that you seem to like your new position, if only because it affords you a way to live. I too have been   ... ...
teamkrejados 2014-8-9 08:09:47
Dear friend, I am on the edge of my seat with excitement about your new job. How is it? Do you like it? Thinking of you and sending you my best...
点滴 2013-1-22 11:02:32
Though I  am a Chinese, I have never gone to Xinjiang. I admire you very much, for you have the courage to face the heavy weather and go abroad to realize dream and  ambition.    I hope I could be brave enough like you to follow my dream which I have hidden in my heart.
alicebrooke 2013-1-12 18:43:31
Amazing! You live in Xinjiang. I have always looked at the world, and this region seems to hold a mystery, being centrally placed in the great land mass of Eurasia. Deserts and extremes of temperature. Some political instability with Muslims dominant in number, but Han Chinese moving in continually, a cause of friction in borderlands. Turkestan.
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