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WhiteBear in China

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So I am here. 
In the land that I love. Between people, that are one of most kind in the world that I know.
This is my second home, in both metaphore and exact meaning.
As I recognise my previous visits in China I always felt here like at home, no difference, no longing for "homeland" left behind.
Now also it is really my second home, since I decided to move all my life here, and I mean - for good.

It has been 40 days since I arrived. 
What I done since then:
- refreshed my "survival" Chinese skill
- made apartment my small home (some personal addjustments, and of course equiping the kitchen!)
- recognised city (Kaiping), off course not all of it, but most part of the center (by almost everyday 2-3h walking sessions)
- made some quite good pictures
- experienced 2 typhoons (including one direct strike)
- settled on my position in work (and I don't mean only tea-mug and desk in the factory that I visit here...)
- lost 7kg of excesse weight, that makes about half that I needed, so still some work to do...

Is it my home now? Not exactly. I still wait for my soulmate to be found.
Only with Two  - house or apartment becomed 100% Home.
I'm not in big hurry, because I intend to live in China permanently, working for my company. But... It is much better to share. And by sharing life I do not divide it by half, but multiply by 10 ;)

I also don't feel comfortable without Chinese language skill, so I learn at home, and look for a tutor.
No time for "school style" lessons, because I only have evenings and weekends free.

OK, I look forward to fix it :)


It have been 2 months :)

Many things changes, and all for good.


New Year, and in few days it will be 6 months in China.

My opinion about China have not changed. It is still probably the best place for me.
Work is now a bit boring, but still have many advantages, so I'm OK with it.

Soon New Year Holidays, what to do? 
- improve my Chinese
- perform few sessions of my photographic project
- do some paper-job (in meantime between the other activities)
- maybe short trip or two? who knows...
- maybe meet new friends in "real life" not only "souls in QQ"

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Reply Report jack李 2012-9-21 17:48
nice to meet you !
Reply Report debbie520 2012-11-6 13:59
Happy life in china~
Reply Report ︶尘菲旧梦 2012-11-13 17:56
So  your Chiness is very good now???
Reply Report WhiteBear 2012-11-13 18:30
no, my Chinese is still far from even "poor" ;)
Reply Report Berghaan 2013-1-9 14:53
hello bear,  first day in chinadaily
Reply Report Lily_ly 2013-2-5 16:45
Welcome to China and hope you has already accustomed to life here. Have a good day!
Reply Report SoCalChevy 2013-2-24 13:30
Hope you are doing well!
Reply Report lauren89 2013-5-8 10:26
I hope you will enjoy your life here.
Reply Report universalwalker 2013-5-10 17:30
welcome to China again
Reply Report Ivy_Lee 2013-5-22 15:38
I'm totally new here, and u r my first firend. I sense that we will be friends & I will visit you some time. Wish you the best luck. -Ivy

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  • WhiteBear in China 2013-5-22 15:38

    I'm totally new here, and u r my first firend. I sense that we will be friends & I will visit you some time. Wish you the best luck. -Ivy

  • WhiteBear in China 2013-5-10 17:30

    welcome to China again

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