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Report RavindraSk 2012-10-16 09:49
Ni hao!

I am learning Mandarin Chinese.

Zai jian !
Report Piao_piao 2012-10-11 13:11
hehe, nice to know you!
Report tracyliu1987108 2012-10-10 17:28
jkdbxh: Happy late birthday to you!
xie xie
Report cherry_jang1992 2012-9-6 15:38
jkdbxh: You're right exactly.    Is it a problem?
Actually......Me too! Just without net!
Report cherry_jang1992 2012-9-6 14:57
jkdbxh: Having a relax is a nice choice. I don't like to watch TV if I can surf the net. The first thing I wanted to do was linking net after I changed my hou ...
You are the "net insect"...
Report cherry_jang1992 2012-9-6 09:53
jkdbxh: What do you do at night? I can't see you online at night.
So tired in daytime, so i need to relax at night...Watching TV, cooking delicious food......Actually,we didn't link net, as only one computer is avaliable during our four girls.....
Report cherry_jang1992 2012-9-5 15:44
jkdbxh: You're also have time to Internet in the working hours
And you?haha...... To learn english, i'm online every day....
Report cherry_jang1992 2012-9-5 14:55
jkdbxh: Thank you! Glad to gain your support. It's not easy to learn with schoolmate after graduation.
We all want to improve english level......
Report cherry_jang1992 2012-9-5 13:16
Do you know ,KAIMI is my schoolmate at college.....She is invited by me to join this big family...
Report wxk105 2012-9-4 22:49
jkdbxh: me, too. let's work hard toghther
yeah,I often read news through China Daily,but few ways can improve my spoken english .Do you have some better ways with this?
Report wxk105 2012-9-4 14:13
hi!my friend,I'm very happy as your friend .I will study English more hard just like you ,which is very importan for my future.
Report cherry_jang1992 2012-8-30 18:06
jkdbxh: Congratulate for your graduation!The degree is only a paper, we can saw that your english is better than me although i am older than you and got the  ...
I'm so admire that you have opportunity to go abroad........
Report cherry_jang1992 2012-8-29 13:49
jkdbxh: I am also a newer, come here to learn more english and i am appreciate to your accept. And i think you must be a student yet,right? i am so admire you ...
   Haha……I‘m working now, do you believe? I'm just graduating on July 2nd.But I got the Associate degree only not the Bachelor. That's why I work so early^^ I have the same sentiments with you! My major is Internatinal Business, accordling I entered a Foreign Trade Company.My boss is a Frenchman. I begin to realized my english is too bad! Then I decided to learn english everyday with full efforts……
Report cherry_jang1992 2012-8-29 09:45
I'm just the new comer of BBS.chinadaily, not so familiar with the space. Aslo english level isn't high, register a name is for learning english^^ Thanks to add me as your freind.
Report Joy.guo 2012-8-28 12:16
Glad to know you! You must spend a lot of time for your space. It's so nice! And thanks for inviting me as your friend.
Report cherry_jang1992 2012-8-27 14:53
Wow!Your space is so beautiful……
Report Sarah924 2012-8-27 11:26
jkdbxh: me,too.  glad to meet you
Report Sarah924 2012-8-24 11:50
    Hi Thanks for adding me as a friend.
Report Cherry1990 2012-8-24 07:21
jkdbxh: just a guy who wants to learn some practical english
I C.
Report Cherry1990 2012-8-24 07:21
jkdbxh: are you borned in 1990?am i right?
I'm not borned in 1990. I was born in 1990.
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