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Kung Fu Tea

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Mom likes drinking tea. Almost every afternoon, she would take out the tea leaves from the jar. And then put them into the teapot which has been cleaned by the boiling water. How many tea leaves should be put? Er… The best answer is “not too many, nor too few”. If you put too many tea leaves, then the tea would taste bitter. If you put too few, it tastes insipid. Mom is experienced. The tea she makes always tastes sweet.

 We Chaoshan people have a special procedure for drinking tea. We call it Kung Fu tea, which is a tea-making technique. It is a traditional custom in our Chaoshan Region which is originated in Song Dynasty. We can proudly say that where is Chaoshan people, there is a shadow of Kung Fu Tea (有潮汕人的地方就有工夫茶。). It is also well-know all over the world.

Mom pours the boiling water into the teapot till it is full. But she doesn’t drink it, she pours it out. Because the water is used to wash the tea leaves and the first tea is not cleaned. After emptying the teapot, mom pours the boiling water into the teapot again. Please remember, if you want to take a cup of fresh tea, you mustn’t keep the tea in the teapot for a long time. Usually, the tea should be released from the teapot in 5 seconds. Or the tea would become a little bitter.

In fact, pouring tea is not an easy thing. Mom takes the teapot and tips the tea on clockwise. You know, the color of tea which is poured out later from the teapot would become darker. In order to make every cup of tea look the same, we don’t fill the cup in one time. That’s why we tip the tea on clockwise, to make a balance.

Mom takes one cup of tea from the tea tray. She doesn’t drink it directly. She smells it first. The fragrance of tea makes us fresh. Mom doesn’t drink the tea quickly. She appreciates the tea slowly.

We Chaoshan people always drink Tieguanyin (铁观音) and Dahongpao (大红袍). Some people like Pu’er (普洱). However, mom prefers Chaocha (“炒茶”), a kind of  tea leaves made by local people. Though it is cheap, it is healthier. Mom says.

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