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  • Real NameKevin C Yocum
  • GenderConfidential
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  • ResidenceChina Zhejiang Hangzhou
  • Graduate schoolMany-too few to mention
  • EducationDr.
  • ProfessionArtist, Photographer, Student of Philosophy
  • PositionBeen retired for 50 years
  • Making friends purposeListen to understand. Speak to be understood.

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A visit with the Past--being in the Present 2015-09-02
I like Racheal Wong. She is bright and witty in her articles on Sino-Affairs. The fact she writes for the Harvard Review doesn't change my opinion of ...
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CNN not what it used to be 2015-08-21
The headline stories--many without follow up......which in China is normal- the quick news --Get the first bi ...
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Guess this country's name by habits 2015-08-02
literacy rate is almost 100%. Children in schools brush their teeth (sterile) and clean their teeth after a meal at school, teaching them to maintai ...
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Charles Dickens did not write this 2015-07-26
nor did Arthur Conan Doyle, Tokyo Rose, Betty Boop, Plato, Socrates, Gilgamesh or Zwicky Stalin, Putin, Churchill or Patton---but they all wish they d ...
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Two World Super Powers Celebrate 2015-07-02
July 4th Both China and the USA celebrate with a National Holiday every year. Little known facts about USA Founding Fathers.. .I welcome details of C ...
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Is Xi a reincarnation of Elliot Ness/Robert Kennedy? 2014-07-31
When is enough --enough? When the cows come home or when the barn burns down? Animals aren't greedy eaters, they only consume enough to surv ...
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BoMiller 2014-5-20 08:15:55
I agree. To disagree invites sloth exchange of viewpoints even when cultural differences are obvious barriers. Focus on facts and suppositions on facts will keep the stray dog from stagnating on ones doorstep. Regards..
Kabisco751 2014-5-19 14:40:33
To be connected is vital as we share ideas, knowledge,cultural differences and be able to learn from each other.
My warm regards
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