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I rejected a girl's love

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After one year study in GX university two years ago,I came back to GX medical university for continuing my clinical medicine.It’s the day I met the girl, Lee, who majored in oral medicine, often wearing a smile on her face.I didn’t deny that she looked beautiful.Even though we became friends soon,sharing with common hobbies and interests, and contacting with each other, but I didn’t think I fell in love with her.

 Last April,I filled all my days with studying for scholarship and less time for me to play with her.She called me out frequently for various reason in spite of my busy studies.There’s no doubt that I was a little tired of it.One day,she called me and told me much about her positive impression on me.I didn’t know what she really wanted to express.At last,she directly told me that she admired me and loved my character.I was shocked because I would regarded her as my own sister or a best femal friend,nothing beyond.I rejected her love without deliberately thinking.I told her that I was still young and needed to spend more time on my studies rather than losing my heart to somebody…..

I knowed what I had said break her heart.But I didn’t know what should I do to deal with it.I have not meet her till now.I was told she had gone to a hospital in Shenzhen for practice last week.I feel so sorry for her and I don’t know whether we’ll meet again.

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Reply Report 小树ff 2013-3-20 14:46
   U r so ... feel pity for the nice girl. 8t best wishes for u 2.

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  • I rejected a girl's love 2013-3-20 14:46

       U r so ... feel pity for the nice girl. 8t best wishes for u 2.

  • I rejected a girl's love 2013-3-4 20:21

    cily: I had been through the same experience with the girl. Before the blog I still felt sad about the refusal. But it seems obviously now that it makes no  ...
    yeah,mabey it is not time for the luck to show, but it will favor you sonner and later.

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