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2012-6-14 12:48:26 Reply
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  • Daily Expressions Mothers Use to Their Children (II) 2013-1-17 12:40

    Thanks for your attention. Well, I'm totally aware of the difference between "妈妈" and "麻麻". Coz someone told me that 麻麻 is hot now. It is a cute way to say 妈妈, you know, as if a baby is calling "mama".

  • Daily Expressions Mothers Use to Their Children (II) 2013-1-13 16:56

    >>麻麻的宝贝(má má de bǎo bèi)是世界上最乖的宝贝(shì shì jiè shàng zuì guāi de bǎo bèi)。
    是“妈妈的宝贝”,不是“麻麻的宝贝”, :)

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