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How should we choose in the face of money and life?

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                       How should we choose in the face of money and life?

Everybody knows that money is not omnipotent, but no money is totally unacceptable, then what should we do when we have to choose one between money and any other more valuable things? E.g. our lives.


I guess almost everyone will choose life, coz compared with priceless life, money is so insignificant!


For some rich, they may say yes without any hesitation, but for some poor, will they also say yes?


Probably not, in fact, it will be one of the most agonizing decisions they have to make in their lives.


Now there has a practical example:

If u were a woman who earned barely enough for family, when ur mother got seriously ill and had to get the medical treatment though it will be useless, what will u do?


If u took out all ur money, even borrowed money from ur friends, ur relatives, ur colleagues, etc, just try ur best to raise money for ur mother.

Then, ur mother just being kept alive for a short time, several years at most, and, being in pain.

And for u, u lost ur money, haven’t enough money for family, and if ur husband were a good man and understand u, he may help u,  but despite of this, sometimes u both couldn’t avoid having some quarrels, right? Or otherwise, the worse problem is: u may in the face of being divorced.


So the result is: u lost ur money, lost ur mother, lost ur family, etc. but u may say: I had tried all my best and had a clear conscience at least.

But, did ur mother feel happy really?



Someone may choose to take out the money for doing some meaningful things, just let her mother happy:

For example, helping mother to finish her dream---having a travel, during the travelling, mother may feel little hurt and enjoy with the family, wouldn’t it be great?


The result is: u still have some money, have ur family, but u will lose ur mother in a shorter time and u may regret spending the limited money for travelling rather than healing.


Someone may think up the other way, then what’s the best way for it?


I don’t know what I will do if I met the same problem in the future, it is really a very very tough choice…

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Reply Report 雀巢咖啡 2013-7-14 22:17
you should follow your heart, make every effort to do.It's nothing to do with  money. I had ever experienced what you said.

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