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People can not always be in children's age but he could always have child-like innocence . Keep innocent just like a child ! !
2018-6-2 08:54:16 Reply
If you are waiting for tomorrow, why not do it today? And if tomorrow never comes, you'll have no regrets about today.
  • snowipine: Tomorrow is the  beacon for the seafarers.  Happy new year and good luck, sailor girl. (2-19 01:29)
  • luckyann: Ha, Very delighted to get your comments.Tomorrow is anther day, anyway. Good luck to you, too. (3-6 10:05)
2018-1-3 09:35:58 Reply
We soon believe what we desire.欲望中的东西我们总是信以为真。
2017-5-18 09:56:15 Reply
Men are nealy willing to believe what they wish.人们总爱想入非非地把愿望变成现实。
2017-5-18 09:54:50 Reply
Smile and silence are two powerful tools. Smile is the way to solve many problems and the slience is the way to avoid  problems.
2017-4-8 09:37:44 Reply
Life is short, if you ever come across a beautiful, exciting, crazy moment in it, you gotta seize it while you can before that moment has gone.
2017-4-1 10:16:22 Reply
Age is a very high price to pay for maturity.
  • SEARU: Let age out of our sight!  Just take yourself as kid and think about everything in simple way! (3-2 16:33)
  • luckyann: Thanks for your nice comments. You're definitely right.Be innocent just like a child. (3-3 10:13)
2017-3-1 10:03:25 Reply
All life is a game of luck, to make each day count.
  • SEARU: That is nice for not only you businessman but also ordinary citizens! (3-2 16:35)
  • luckyann: 生活本来就全靠运气。要让每一天都有所值。 (3-3 10:07)
  • luckyann: I meant that Strive to make every day meaningful and joyful. (3-3 10:09)
  • SEARU: Of course, I could see your mind! (3-3 15:06)
  • luckyann: Read my mind.Thanks.        (3-4 10:55)
2017-2-21 10:11:13 Reply
Good things come to those who smile often, have you smiled today?
2017-2-15 10:07:08 Reply
Never regret anything. Because at one time it was exactly you wanted.
2016-3-18 10:28:10 Reply
Life is a little bit messy.
2016-3-18 10:26:56 Reply
The most important thing in any relationship is not what you get but what you give.
2016-2-14 17:33:24 Reply
Love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness.
  • Ashikujaman: May be it is also depends on time and situation! (3-3 07:49)
  • luckyann: There's Chinese saying: As long as the view is in your heart, aren't the paths full of fragrance of flowers everywhere? (3-3 10:04)
  • Ashikujaman: I understood ,  My Dear Aunt. It is true. Love is the master key thats opens the gates of happiness (3-3 10:14)
2016-2-14 17:31:26 Reply
Life is made up of small pleasures and happiness is made up of those tiny success.
  • luckyann: Happiness is about having each tiny wish come true. (1-3 09:40)
2016-1-20 10:12:33 Reply
Today is the Dec.25,it's Christmas Day. The greatest gift that I can give you is the gift of unconditional love and acceptance.
  • Ashikujaman: Merry Christmas to you and your family. (12-26 01:03)
  • luckyann: Thanks for your kind greetings. Merry Christmas ! (12-26 09:30)
2015-12-25 09:23:25 Reply
The only way to survive was to enjoy the good moments and not dwell too much on the bad.
2015-11-25 18:57:06 Reply
Deliver not your words by number,but by weight.
2015-10-3 09:11:18 Reply
Happiness comes from within. Happiness lies not in the mere possession of money, it lies in the joy of achievement , in the thrill of creative effort.
2015-10-3 09:08:11 Reply
Life is an art of drawing. I have always been delighted at the prospect of a new day~~
2015-9-11 10:20:43 Reply
Work hard in slience,let the success be your noise.
2015-8-30 19:31:48 Reply
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