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What's on your mind...enjoy my life
2014-5-11 14:52:01 Reply
What's on your mind... busy for my life
2013-11-27 19:19:42 Reply
deeply hurted ~~hurted ~~
2013-7-21 18:45:24 Reply
don't penetrate so much energy ~~wait and wait wait , learning and learning
2013-7-21 18:16:18 Reply
life for rent
2013-5-5 12:31:03 Reply
i will  have my 23rd birthday on 7 June ~~how time flies ~what things i owned now ? Sunshine , families, friends , and job ~~~but why i still feel empty ?
2013-4-30 22:01:15 Reply
work harder ! talk less !
2013-4-7 15:53:33 Reply
you love someone who does not love you ~~~Someone who likes you ,you don' t like
2013-1-20 11:42:15 Reply
New plan , new start--------2013
2013-1-6 12:53:24 Reply
2012-11-19 20:40:12 Reply
i don't think i am a good translator really~~~~~~both oral and written~~~~~~~ i am trying to improve it ,but the effects are less~~~how to overcome it ? i just felt that my mind was blank ,,,,messy
2012-11-10 11:35:58 Reply
try to improve my english skills of translating
2012-10-21 10:44:54 Reply
new job, new start
2012-10-15 20:00:07 Reply
sad  sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad
2012-9-24 21:34:18 Reply
bad luck and good luck~~~~~~~~~~~really hurt
2012-9-18 21:40:28 Reply
tomorrow i will say bye bye to u guys~~~global sales
2012-9-13 22:04:15 Reply
The dream is skinny, the reality is plump! Two month, i should learn how to hide my mood, my emotion, myself...say sth that is unture , i almost lost  in this work world. I should keep an active heart
2012-9-12 11:36:20 Reply
god save me !
2012-9-10 19:55:35 Reply
Good morning
2012-9-8 08:42:47 Reply
This task, i believe i can do it very well.
2012-9-6 12:57:43 Reply

a happy girl

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