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Share A Pain Means Sorry
2014-2-21 17:43
Sometimes, if we b lind pursuit something which in i deal state, we will have complaints.P eople who are treasured will do their bestto bulid a good relationship with their parents. I must do it well. In my heart, my mother and fatheraremy best love. If I can, I would use my ten years of my life to change their health. A famliy is an entiretywhichfaces all the happyiness and sadness. I love you---my family. No pain, no sorry for me.
Personal category: Feeling|2392 views|0 comments Popularity 1
Share An instant of Bear Family
2012-7-19 10:28
The sun is warm,and sunlight into my heart directly... At this time, I always liking to watch harmonious atmosphere...
Personal category: funny|3007 views|0 comments
Share Innocent Smile of Animals…
2012-6-8 14:33
Well, who said the man are the only one who knows how to laugh? Just look at those smiling, grinning and laughing openly of animals. they are really innocent have a look and forget everything, just smile……
Personal category: funny|3590 views|0 comments
Share A Kind Of “friendship”
2012-5-25 10:39
There is a kind of “friendship” which is so friendly to you, however there is a deep ditch between us. I want to hide this, but I hear clearly a voice said you will be got hurt if you still play with her. I don't know whether you have this feeling. Do you have this kind friends arround you? How did you do it?
Personal category: Feeling|2956 views|0 comments
Share Tiger---Our Friends
2012-5-24 17:14
Sometimes, we should simple to see the world. Please do not doubt the picture is false. Whatever, I believe it's true.
Personal category: funny|3095 views|0 comments
Share Panda and little child, so cute!
2012-3-6 16:12
When I have seen this picture, I feel a pure world in my heart. It's so harmony.
Personal category: funny|3830 views|2 comments Popularity 1
Share Bear this is, why it?
2012-3-2 11:14
I have a little sad. Bear this is, but why?
Personal category: funny|1752 views|0 comments
Share Most Creative Tattoo Idea in the World
2012-2-24 10:14
Really Creative Tattoo idea, isn’t it? lol
Personal category: funny|2943 views|1 comments Popularity 1
Share Cut Here Tattoo
2012-2-22 10:00
Cut Here! Tattoo is not only fasion, butalso makes the best of your situation.
Personal category: funny|2334 views|0 comments
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