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Share China’s Chengguan need a beating makeover
lihanwen 2013-7-26 14:11
They are, rightly or wrongly, the most reviled group of workers in China. Hated by street vendors, despised by many and often maligned in the media, China’s low-level urban management officers, chengguan , get a high level of bad PR. The conflict has existed for years, but recently the people in charge of those who control the street vendors, hawkers, shoe shiners and illegal cabs have begun attempting an image makeover. It was revealed that ...
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Share How Prism (not the NSA) will change news
lihanwen 2013-7-3 22:47
How Prism (not the NSA) will change news
If there is anyone out there who still doubts printed newspapers are dying; who still wonder if they will be employed in journalism produced by ink in our lifetime; who still think people will pay for 24-hour old information someone else considers newsworthy or questions the power of the web - here is your answer. It's the answer told by version 4.0 of The Conversation Prism. It is the only research-driven map that explores the evolution and rise of social media. ...
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Share Snowden guilty in court of public opinion
lihanwen 2013-6-26 09:11
He had his chance and he blew it. The NSA’s intrepid whistleblower, who had the biggest non story of the century, is currently thought to be sharing his laptops, phones and hard drives with the Russians, knowingly or not, just like he probably did with the Chinese, knowingly or not. If anyone believes an NSA spy passed through China and Russia without the contents of his person being dipped by the intelligence men in suits then I would suggest a career at McDonalds or Bur ...
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Share NSA surveillance desperately needed to discover why this is news
lihanwen 2013-6-13 15:27
China blew the whistle on NSA surveillance phone-tapping whistleblowers five months ago. “Incredibly intimate, personal conversations – and I just can't believe they were frigging recording them,” revealed the NSA analyst.. This is an updated article based on an editorial from China Daily’s website in February headlined Eavesdropping houses shouldn't throw stones by Lee Hannon A pple has become the latest US company to take a bite of the pathetic hacki ...
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Share Black, gay who cares? But NBA’s $3m pay obscene
lihanwen 2013-5-3 08:55
Black, gay who cares? But NBA’s $3m pay obscene
This week the sports world was supposedly stunned to discover that the NBA has a basketball player who is black and gay. Shock. Horror. Hold the front page. Black and gay. Who would have thought it? What’s next? A Headline: The US president Barack Obama is secretly gay. Kobe Bryant is bisexual. I would believe it. I would believe anything now knowing the NBA has been secretly courting homosexual Jason Collins &nb ...
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Share Ding dong milk-snatching witch is dead
lihanwen 2013-4-10 16:24
From the ashes of Margaret Thatcher’s death an unlikely phoenix is rising to top of the UK’s music charts. The Judy Garland classic Ding Dong the Witch is Dead, made famous by the 1939 movie The Wizard of Oz, has soared up the download c harts and is now in the top three in the UK. The unlikely resurgence in the song follows a Facebook campaign by the anti-Thatcher sentiment sweeping the UK following the death of the divisive former prime minister. ...
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Share Luscious Lombok
lihanwen 2013-4-8 10:25
Luscious Lombok
The pristine sands of the beach beckon at Secret Retreats Tugu Lombok on the northwest coast of Sire. Photos by Todd Balazovic / China Daily Ancient goddesses and Indonesian architecture blend with the flora and fauna. Two local women well covered from the intense sun carry home their belongings. Paradise lost and secrets found in Indonesia's island hideaways, as Lee Hannon reports. The small muster of gray clouds offer little relief from the intense Equatorial s ...
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Share Business alchemy
lihanwen 2013-3-8 14:29
Sandra Rwese of Nairobi teaches countries and companies how to tap into China's tourism sector. Provided to China Daily Sandra Rwese's passion for Chinese culture and understanding of the tourism potential offered by its new middle class, combined to create a perfect opportunity Soon after enrolling at the Confucius Institute in Nairobi, Sandra Rwese had a "light-bulb moment" and realized not only had she discovered a new passion in life but also ...
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Share Pay to play
lihanwen 2013-3-6 09:15
Top: A view of Cape Town's Table Mountain from the OneOnly Resort. The company announced they will start accepting China UnionPay to better cater to Chinese guests. Above: China UnionPay's headquarters in Shanghai. Photos Provided to China Daily Hotels access China's booming tourism market by using bank cards from the Middle Kingdom A growing number of hotels and businesses in Africa are now accepting China UnionPay cards as they eye China's booming ...
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Share Heading to Liverpool with a bit of class
lihanwen 2013-2-28 11:39
The Liver Birds perch on top of the clock towers to look over the River Mersey in Liverpool. Provided to China Daily "Never turn right when boarding a plane, darling," a royal socialite once whispered to me as she sneaked me into the Concorde lounge of London's Heathrow Airport. As one who rarely goes left to the spacious aerodynamic paradise that is first class, I always found the statement pretentious, but after clocking up some air miles ...
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