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How to deal with peer pressure

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On the way of growth, there is inevitably the moment when you feel pressured by your peers to do something that you might not usually choose to do. For example, a few classmates might try to get you to skip a class with them; your soccer friends might try to persuade you to be mean to another player and never pass him the ball; or a group of buddies in the neighborhood might want you to try cigarettes with them. Here arises the question: how should you respond to these, or more serious, cases if you do not want to give in to the peer pressure? The following are a few practical tips for you.
First of all, pluck up courage and stand your ground. It is tough to be the only one in a group who says " no " to the peer pressure, but you can do it. Sticking to your own feelings and beliefs about telling what is right and wrong can help you to do . Inner strength and self-confidence can help you stand firm, and resist any temptation. Besides, remember a real friend doesn't say, " I'll be your friend if you....”; instead, a real friend says " I'll be your friend and accept you for who you are." Ture friendship endures despite disagreement, so don't sacrifice your principles.
Meanwhile, ally yourself with peers sharing similar valuse or interests. For one thing, it's great to have friends with values similar to yours who will back you up when you don't want to do something. They are willing to say " no " with you , which takes a lot of the power out of peer pressure and makes it much easier to resist. For another, if you pal around with peers or classmates with similar interests, if you choose friends who don't cut class or smoke cigarettes, then you probably won't feel much pressure to do these things either, even if other youths do.
If you continue to face peer pressure and you find it difficult to handle on your own, talk to someone you trust. Don't feel guilty if you've made a mistake or two. Keeping it inside and carrying your worries around can make things even harder to deal with. On the contrary, talking to a parent, teacher, or school counselor can help you feel much better and prepare you for the next time you face peer pressure.
To sum up, you can resist the negative influence of peer pressure by sticking to your principles, finding allies and seeking help from your elders. The bottom line is that you need to feel good about yourself and be willing to make your own decisions rather than follow anyone blindly. 

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Reply Report 雀巢咖啡 2013-6-16 14:00
those kind pressure is often contagious. It's hard to avoid. For instance, an excellent guy could be put in a university full of genius.  
Only that way, can you be not able to fall behind.

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  • How to deal with peer pressure 2013-6-16 14:00

    those kind pressure is often contagious. It's hard to avoid. For instance, an excellent guy could be put in a university full of genius.  
    Only that way, can you be not able to fall behind.

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    Yes it seems that mankind is a threat for himself...but, I prefer to give a chance to mankind - to us - as, the beauty is all around us, everywhere, and why reject it...yes i know, there are a lot of bad things around us too, diseases, ect.. but - I WANT TO GIVE A CHANCE TO MANKIND - I WANT AND WISH THAT WE SEE THAT BEAUTY, THAT LIGHT IN EVERY DAY, AND TO IMPROVE OURSELVES AS MUCH AS WE thinking negative - we only attract negative ENERGY - AND THATIS ONE VERY IMPORTANT THING..AS MUCH NEGATIVE - WE HAVE TO THINK POSITIVE - i know how it sounds..a lot of us where on our knese, but we MUSTN'T ALLOW NEGATIVE THOUGHTS AND NEGATIVE ENERGY TO ENTER IN OUR DAY..

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