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  • It was perfect just a big forehead ask the people in the area before the desecration began who tuned in miss world every year. Reply
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faithlv 2012-6-28 09:56:25
Hello Dear,
My name is Faith.I will like be ur friend please do write me direct to my email address at ( for easy communication so that we can know each other, I will give you my pictures and details about me
sleepingbleach 2012-3-18 03:44:00
I'm not an grandma was possibly Asian or south American I don't know she was imported as an orphan child.
Some people just don't like other I met a black girl she said she hates white people she said most black people do.I met a mixed race she said she hates pakis by that I'm guessing she meant Asians.Butler had an issue with Jews.there's examples of idiots from every culture.
Bandito 2012-3-16 20:23:24
sleepingbleach : Its not anaemia its yellow skin it comes from the east and for some reason they say its a disease like jaundice or anaemia & then then they bleach you ... I disagree albeit belatedly! We are not talking about natural skin tone, white and/or yellow hued but the premium placed by indigenes of these countries on having a FAIR SKIN TONE abnd fetishism of it. If you have extremely fair skin, it will be a terrible folly to attempt suntan! I find it odd that fashion campiagns ... ...
baby150 2012-3-9 06:33:32
Hello dear,
My name is cynthia I saw your profile today in and became interested in you and want to contact me back through my private e-mail here ( so that i can give you my picture for you to know who i am
and remember that distance or color does not matter but love matters
allot in life are waiting for your urgent reply.
Bandito 2012-3-5 00:28:46
sleepingbleach: Do you hate all Asians?or is it just Chinese?
i don't hate any Asian but probably dislike your ignorance. Asia is a continent and how can a sane person hate a continent due to idiocy of a few, like you, for example!
loveone2 2012-2-11 02:35:16
my name is is my privet e-mail'(
sleepingbleach 2012-1-22 14:22:30
No its people enjoying seeing you get hurt.I spent a long time listening to these nasty things people say just to see the look of hurt on your face and I could have been doing things that would have brought me more happiness like workings in China instead of being used as a form of high quality entertainment at the expense of my happiness.if someone planned some sadness for my life then why make my entire life a misery.I could have some happiness and then sadness.instead I get less happiness and ... ...
Bandito 2012-1-20 07:32:03
and if I want to meddle with those that are not my kind? What are you going to do about it?
Bandito 2012-1-20 07:30:54
Thank God then the Indians are still locked in the 1230 ad. Have you not seen people sunbathing? Looking anaemic is only fashionable in backwards parts of the world:)
sleepingbleach 2012-1-20 04:25:21
Nicole scherzinger is with Lewis Hamilton because he is lovely
sleepingbleach 2012-1-19 20:59:08
In India the darker the skin the more ugly the person they don't even want touch them.that's the cast system value.Indians don't bleach&acid gold skin they worship it.
sleepingbleach 2012-1-19 03:13:15
Cat loves iunus forever
sleepingbleach 2012-1-18 00:21:07
Stick to your own kind
sleepingbleach 2012-1-17 10:03:56
Its not lovely its Bruce Lee
sleepingbleach 2012-1-15 03:15:52
No god
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