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Report rekiss 2012-6-7 09:54
My name is Natalie r and i am good looking girl and i am seeking  tolerance, kind, honest and sincere man for relationship. a  man that  will love me and  make me happy in life and i will be able to love and respect him in return. therefore i am sincerely seek for that special man who will make my life completed as a woman , please simple write me back so that we could know better, while longing to get your reply,
Report baby150 2012-3-9 07:51
Hello dear,
My name is cynthia I saw your profile today in and became interested in you and want to contact me back through my private e-mail here ( so that i can give you my picture for you to know who i am
and remember that distance or color does not matter but love matters
allot in life are waiting for your urgent reply.
Report alicebrooke 2012-1-28 19:03
Is that a parrot, rearview? Your picture. Here in England, wild parrots are spreading. Ring-necked parakeets, actually. Moving north into Scotland. Yep.
Report Hmoonhistorian 2012-1-21 19:19
constellation: thanks for adding me be your good friend, I support your views on the title as "US prepares the war against china -january 12"
Thanks for accepting friendship. Kind of business and haven't response sooner. Hope everthing is going well for you. See you around.
Report constellation 2012-1-16 22:23
Today, i'm late to the office for only one minut in the morning, the minister of the service departament shout out at the gate, xx and xx is late to the company ! sun of @@@, my colleagues whispered, another one also complained to say, the minister oftenly be late to the office also!
Report constellation 2012-1-13 02:08
   There's another adult joke, tired of one day's entertainning the guests, the newly-married couples send them away, the bride grasped bride's hand harshed into the living room and peeled up the bride and the clothes himself, agitato said to the bride, sweetheart I will send you my cheifest treasure to you, I cherished it for 20s years, then the couples passed the exciting moment they never havn't before. After that, the bride said curiously to her husband, hi ,dearling, what's your kept 20s years treasure??? send me right now, i can't wait much time. The bridegroom stared with his eyes openly, oh, god! I consecrated to you already just now!!! and do you want again??
Report constellation 2012-1-13 01:25
the trainer seems much more clever than that tamed monkey The bartender is fool if he believe the trainer's bul----!
Report constellation 2012-1-13 01:20
   Frankly say I think this joke not funny than mine, but it's cool, lol anyway, thank you my dear frend!
Report scrotymcbugerba 2012-1-12 14:34
a guy walks into a bar with a monkey .the bar tender says this  is  a bar thats a monkey ,you cant have a monkey in this bar .the guy says its ok he is a trained monkey ,but the monkey jumps on the pool table and swallows the 8ball .now the bar tender gets ticked because he has to order a whole new set of balls just to get the 8ball back,so he kicks them both out and tells the guy he can come back if he dont bring the monkey. a couple of weeks later they come back to the bar .the bartender says"what did i tell you about that monkey" ,the guy says "its ok he is a changed monkey" . but the monkey jumps on the bar walks over to a martini takes the olive out of the martini and inserts himself analy with the olive ,the guy says "oh i forgot about that"the bartender says ''whats up with that " the guy says "ever since he swallowed that 8ball he has been pre measuring every thing he eats".


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