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Share my infatuation with open source microcontrollers and their contribution to the H
scrotymcbugerba 2013-1-15 08:57
it is a very simple concept .slavery without brutality. but the implementation thus far is in-elegant . i personally blame the war in the world that has spilled into cyberspace. but wich war? the war for land , money ,religion human- animal rights? all of them result in the end ... in getting screwgalled. by screwgalled i mean they have the gall to show you the same six pages over and over all while building a profile about you for targeted add campains to you and selling your search ...
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Share nyc police spy on muslims
scrotymcbugerba 2012-2-24 06:42
yes they did probably still do. it was typical short sighted myopic thinking and the involvement of the cia makes it illegal. how do you prosecute the head of the cia? they have grown to powerful and disregarded the core mandate the were supposed to uphold,that they cannot be used on american soil and should be dissolved.although it is understandable to want info on muslim extremists blundering about at church is not the best way. i really think that this has done more to alienate the moderates ...
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Share am i the only one that has a love hate relationship with microcontrollers?
scrotymcbugerba 2012-2-19 16:48
like a year ago me and microsoft had a parting of the sheets.i had accidently left it so that the free version of visual basic could install updates and the next thing i knew they were telling me that the computer that i bought not only would not let me into visual studio any more but also needed the verification # on the envelope the disk came in . so i had to regain root control of my own computer. i did it by installing virus laden programs that the net offers for free so they can steal ...
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Share football
scrotymcbugerba 2012-1-3 16:33
the whole world calls soccer football but not the us and maybe some others but i dont know wich ones ,but its silly and sloppy . people cant even talk to each other about sports if they are from different counties without the awkward pre conversation about what they are talking about.what to call real football though?
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Share progress
scrotymcbugerba 2012-1-2 17:30
electronic slavery .i personally am divided on the subject ,when you use a robot to do a man or womens job you take that job from them forcing them to find other employment or they get the job of repairing the thing if they are semi indispensable plus their normal duties. however having a cheap robot that is responsibly powered could be just the thing the company needs to be able to afford to hire another employee,wich in turn could force their compatition to do the same and maybe no ...
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