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my infatuation with open source microcontrollers and their contribution to the H

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 it is a very simple concept .slavery without brutality. but the implementation thus far is in-elegant . i personally blame the war in the world that has spilled into cyberspace. but wich war? the war for land , money ,religion human- animal rights? all of them result in the end ... in getting screwgalled.  by screwgalled i mean they have the gall to show you the same six pages over and over all while building a profile about you for targeted add campains to you and selling your search preferences by ip address on the side. because you more than likely have a static ip adress from your internet provider. but google THRIVES because of proprietary software that keeps track of non-static ip addresses, adresses that NEED to move around or get hacked for standing still. DARPA the pentagon nyse trading houses bank centers stuff like that that is integral infrastructure litteraly cannot sit still. now as an example that is the NEED for closed source. ok the need for open source is people don't want their personal searches sold to health insurers and advertisers..... simple right? not so much because explorer by mucrosoft is STILL by 85 percent more prevalent than other browsers and who reads fine print any more when it SEEMS like the end of your computer if you don't comply? GO OPEN SOURCE. THE MOST EXITING THINGS COMING  ARE OPEN SOURCE. ok say you have network attached storage like so many people do.  and you also happen to have a wifiy watch computational transeiver . i know it is a big name for a wrist sized i pod nano but lets look at the infrastructure that is built into socket mount i8 chips and more important wifi lan and bluetooth spread spectrum frequency hopping they can support. i am speaking about dongles in watch form. arm mobile will treat it as an unsecure network and the i8 can not be hacked by a single arm core. so basicly a supper puter on your wrist sure to beat the band on those old calculator watches i used to wear to school.

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