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Share 同感~
2014-10-23 12:08
I love you not because of who you are , but because of who I am when I am with you.
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Share morning~
2014-7-22 09:08
Hello everyone,I come back.....
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Share give me your love tonight 歌词
2012-11-8 13:21
come to me ,I love you can you see why do you turn your back,pretending not to hear. still I wish someday,i'll make you turn my way in my arms you stay valentine is such a special day can I have your love just today if she ask you i want you tell her please to wait just for one day give me your love tonight, just tonight when all my sads tomorrow's out of sight give me your kiss tonight like a lovers do in the morning i'll be on my way take what I give tonight, just ...
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Share 香港回归十五周年
2012-6-30 11:04
Miss tomorrow to go to Hong Kong.To witness the historic moment!!!
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Share 小清新 英语translation
2012-5-25 11:53
中文 英文   1.神马都是浮云 It’s all fleeling cloud。   2.山寨 fake, counterfeit, copycat   3.宅男 Otaku (“homebody” in English); geek   4.被雷倒(到)了 in shock   5.纠结 ambivalent   6.忐忑 anxious   7.悲催 a tear-inducingmisery   8.坑爹 the reverse of one’s expectation   9.哥只是传说 Brother is only a legend。   10.伤不起 vulnerable; be prone to getting hurt   11.你懂的 It goeswithout saying that…   12.吐槽 disclose one’s secret   13. ...
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Share Don't envy
2012-4-21 15:34
Don't envy
Do not envy other people because you do not know you the next second will be ! ! !
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Share 《生如夏花》——泰戈尔
2012-4-1 15:54
生命,一次又一次轻薄过 轻狂不知疲倦    ——题记 1 我听见回声,来自山谷和心间 以寂寞的镰刀收割空旷的灵魂 不断地重复决绝,又重复幸福 终有绿洲摇曳在沙漠 我相信自己 生来如同璀璨的夏日之花 不凋不败,妖冶如火 承受心跳的负荷和呼吸的累赘 乐此不疲    2 我听见音乐,来自月光和胴体 辅极端的诱饵捕获飘渺的唯美 一生充盈着激烈,又充盈着纯然 ...
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Share wish~~
2012-2-26 16:42
I want to talk about a vigorous love~~~
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Share 英语汇集~国家和城市
2012-2-11 16:37
一、GemeinschaftUnabhängigerStaaten(GUS)独联体(dieehemaligenUdSSR前苏联) 国名,首都 Armenien亚美尼亚,Jerewan,Eriwan埃里温 Aserbeidschan阿塞拜疆,Baku巴库 Estland爱沙尼亚,Tallinn塔林 Georgien格鲁吉亚,Tbilissi第比里斯 Kasachstan哈萨克斯坦,Alma-Ata阿拉木图 Kirgisistan吉尔吉斯斯坦,Bischkek比什凯克 Lettland拉脱维亚,Riga里加 Litauen立陶宛,Vilnius维尔纽斯 Moldawien摩尔多瓦,Kischinjow基什尼奥夫 Russland俄罗斯,Moskau莫斯科 Tadschikistan塔吉克斯坦,Duschanbe杜尚别 Turkmenistan土库 ...
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Share yeah~
2012-2-6 15:00
Happy Lantern Festival ,everyone~~~ I just send blessing information to my dears friends...
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