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Report teachingchinese 2018-1-22 16:10
shocking abandoned boy on the street of Beijing
Report 1584austin 2018-1-17 01:00
I moved your thread to the Travel section
Report nancylove55 2016-3-18 02:38
hi friend my name is Nancy after
reading your profile i was touch
to write you and be your very good
friend am waiting for your urgent
reply to my Email address so that
i will give you more of my photos
and tell you all about me,
thanks and kiss,
Report Min1989 2014-9-6 17:22
vf84tcat: When you say you are: "readapting to Chinese society" can you elaborate?
By that I mean I had to get used to dealing with the interpersonal relationship in Chinese way. While I was in Australia, it was quite different to communicate with people no matter what background they were from. The social hierarchy there is not as strict as here in China. While I was staying with my Australian friends who are in their sixties, they treated me as a friend despite my age. But after I came back, I found that I had to be cautious of what I do and what I say in front of people especially the people who are older than me. Otherwise, I would offend people without knowing it. At the beginning, my parents were angry with me because I showed what they considered as inappropriate behaviors. Then, they would take advantage of every opportunity to lecture me regrading to how to deal with the complicated interpersonal relations. Honestly, I am a bit against being lectured all the time. I'd rather try it myself and fail and learn the lesson when it comes to this kind of thing.
Besides, I was accustomed to the pretty straightforward way of handling business in Australia. So initially, I found Chinese people's subtleties a bit annoying as I am terrible at reading between lines.
Of course, the employment is another issue. It is so complex here, at least in the field I want to work. I found it very difficult to know what kind of employees some companies want.
Theses are pretty much everything I meant about readapting to Chinese society.
Report vf84tcat 2014-8-30 15:14
Xie xie nice to meet you! :)
Report JIANGXIAOXI 2014-8-30 12:23
hi,thank u for your flowers.i am glad to chat with u
Report Kabisco751 2014-5-20 02:05
Hi, is great to be connected with you. You are most welcome.we can be liaising with each other sharing ideas,experience and knowledge.Cheers
Report create_mydesk 2014-4-5 11:40
which im software do you use, my dear friend:)
Report create_mydesk 2014-4-5 11:39
wow, ME staff, nice meeting you:)
wanna make my own robot
Report vf84tcat 2014-3-29 23:44
I also do instant messageing on my mobile phone with WHATS APP. It's free to use and works in both China and the US
Report vf84tcat 2014-3-29 23:41
I don't have any experience with Upworthy or Buzzfeed. I've actually never heard of them. When I do instant messageing it's with Facebook, Yahoo or Skype
Report fluteyi 2014-3-29 12:57
Could you tell me something about Upworthy and Buzzfeed? Please Share some experience of using them
Report jade2013 2014-2-25 22:06
vf84tcat: Hello my cute friend! :) I hope your new year is going really well ! :)
Hi,Iam fine ,and new year is very happy ,I'm go back my hometown with my family together ,and you ? sorry ,recently very busy,so reply late
Report LUCY2013 2013-12-4 09:56
hello, nice to meet you.
Report snappysammy 2013-11-1 06:38
Report KIyer 2013-9-13 11:07
Report 无头苍蝇 2013-7-14 00:14
vf84tcat: Hello, nice to meet you and thank you for your Friend Request :)

Where do you live?
嘿 我来自中国湖北 很高兴认识你
Report 无头苍蝇 2013-7-13 22:05
vf84tcat: Hello, nice to meet you and thank you for your Friend Request :)

Where do you live?
Report 雀巢咖啡 2013-2-10 13:53
vf84tcat: Happy New Year to the good people of China.
I wish you all a prosperous, happy 2013
Happy new year!
Report oncle hugo 2013-2-6 17:18
vf84tcat: Nice to meet you. I am an American who lives in Washington, DC. I travel to China occaisonally and I'm interested in meeting more Chinese friends and  ...
Once you travel to China,maybe we have the opportunity to meet each other,I'd like to make freinds with everyone,especially foreigners,I oft entertain my honored foreign clients.
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  • Today is Martin Luther King day in America 2014-1-21 17:25

    Need a process in China to perfect the imperfections, to right the wrongs. With increasing awareness, China would strive to root out discrimination in all forms. Right now, many types of discrimating antics are still under the wrap of "traditional norm". Age discrimination should be the first to go.

  • Today is Martin Luther King day in America 2014-1-21 12:06

    One day China will understand this need to treat all males and females with equality and stop the gender discrimination it now believes to be an inherent part of humanity. Surely it is not rather a weakness of a poor and crippled spirit

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