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    • Philippines' Duterte threatens to quit U.N. after drugs war censure 2017-1-22 18:28

      A very impressive New President of the Philippines has come a long way to see the truths and bullshits; and being able to judge with his own wisdom rather than following those bloody stupid  warring fools running long wars and conflicts in the soils of others. This is telling the world that Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has got the right guts to regain his national lost pride after many decades of being the dogs of the hypocrites like USA, Japan, Australia and others.   

      Well done, President Duterte, and you should be able to reshape The Filipino nation to be a proud nation again; and eventually to repatriate those Filipino modern slaves being exported by previous rogue bosses of the Philippines, shamefully and exploitingly, even at a time when its national GDP raked in impressive figures among ASEAN.

      LIKE THOSE WORDS / EXPRESSIONS !  Hope and wish President Duterte of The Philippines lives long enough and strong enough to lead ASEAN and his people smartly and fruitfully thru the years with great harmony among all Asian --> ASEAN neighbors.


      Indeed so true that US President Trump's fierce picks are old fashioned guys who have NOT won a single war in their life time !  Trump's theme, " make America Great again "  is not going to succeed if he embarks upon war footings like those past Presidents of the USA as more than 60 years of endless war games in South East Asia and the Mid-East since post WW2 have proved nothingness other than wasting tax payers' funds of up to USD$ xx Trillion ... .

      One great proof tells all: The sight of LA Airport should put Hollywood to shame and all Americans to shame as ceiling boards hang loosely and dangerously while exposing cables, pipes and steel struts, .... ...!   Where have all the USD trillions gone and how many millions could have been employed endlessly IF NOT due to  all these long years of war footings ?   

      President Trump, nobody / no country stole Yankee jobs of the American folks except those who were / have been inventing wars and conflicts ( though came with some specialist jobs for some folks but not for those commoners in demand for employment opportunities ). It is a waste of time crying about sour grapes next doors, blaming others ...... .... but smarten up with strategies of rebuilding America with infrastructures by using borrowed funds ( treasuries, short & long term bonds ) from foreign countries. This is the way to make Americans ( commoners ) great again !

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