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Share Tour of Mount Lao
2014-11-26 22:15
Tour of Mount Lao
It was a fantastic weekend as my parents and I enjoyed ourselves in this tour of Mount Laoshan. As a well-known scenic spot in Qingdao, Mount Lao exhibits its beauty of nature to people and amazed us all. Early in Sunday morning, we prepared the necessities and took bus to the destination. First of all, we visited the Taiqing Palace, also known as "Xiaqing Palace ", which was firstly built in Xihan Dynasty with a history of over 2150 years. What you have to keep in mind is that the ...
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Share Comeback
2014-11-18 22:04
IT has been days since my last blog. Well, a lot of things has occurred in this period. Now let me take a look~ The CATTI 2-level exam eventually ended. The result should be better if I concentrated more on its preparation beforehand. Actually speaking, it is not a hard exam as long as you read some more English versions of CPC official documents. So two months from now on before the results come out, I'll enjoy my life, haha~~ Fortunate enough, I bet I'll make it this ...
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Share Be positive when low in mood
2014-10-30 21:45
Be positive when low in mood
Feel kind of blue these days but couldn't tell why. Tired of the badminton training everyday? Or the impending CATTI for which I haven't been well prepared? Well, I cannot figure out the reason and it does't matter indeed. In fact, after graduation it is more frequent to feel void than before. After work, I have been trying to tighten my schedule for the past year. Each day I listen to the BBC, read English news of various sources and occasionally join the English clubs. It seems to fulfill myse ...
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Share Difficult to be a mother
2014-10-22 23:05
Difficult to be a mother
Well, it takes time and energy to be a TV show tracker. However, the moments you enjoy the show with your parents on the couch could be priceless. For the past week, I have been with my parents watching a TV series named "Difficult to be a mother" starring Siqingaowa and Liu Jinshan etc, telling a moving story of an elderly mother. While enjoying the wonderful leisure time with my parents, I have been wondering if I am a qualified son? Exactly as it says, to be a mother is difficult. It is mothe ...
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Share Great day, great job!
2014-10-21 22:28
Great day, great job!
Another Tuesday! Instead of boredom, today's full of freshness and excitement. Three years after graduation from college, I surprisingly met my old classmate and friend——Dong. He hasn't changed much except for a new suit, in which he looks like a professional. However, what surprises me more is still to come! Guess what?! An invitation for his wedding next month. What an envy it is! He would marry a lovely and beautiful girl, who is , amazingly enough, a classmate of Dong and I, of course know ...
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Share New hope, new start!
2014-10-20 22:44
With only less than a month from the Nov 9 CATTI exam, I feel a little bit nervous these days. However there is an awful lot of work to do, say professional technique competition, badminton competition, preparation of other materials. Sometimes I may feel pressure or distress but every time I saw my parents whom I love deeply, I gathered strength once again. After graduation from graduate school last year, I seldom feel the sense of achievement as I did at school. That maybe why I am not as happ ...
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