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Ken Xiao's Number one best selling book has now been translated into several different languages. He teaches students around the world how to become fluent in English.
2017-1-24 04:48:36 Reply

Michael is the author of the transformational book, Powerful Attitudes. He is a professional educator, an educational consultant, an author. He lives in Zhengzhou, Henan Province. He enjoys playing guitar and writing poetry. He loves China.

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Recent comments
  • Why I Only Teach Elite Students 2019-6-25 12:58

    This makes no sense. "motivate each kid's potential ability". You can motivate the child because the child is a living, breathing being. Potential is a concept.

    This makes no sense. "take concrete measures to different students no matter they are elite or backward!"

    This makes no sense. "Once a time"

    This makes no sense. "This reminds one vivid story"

    This makes no sense. "made troubles in my class"

    This requires an article. "was ‘natural disaster'" It is 'a natural disaster.'

    This requires a plural. "which human can't resist!" It is 'humans'; not 'human.'

    This is the wrong word choices here. "That statement let the whole class burst into laughing!" 'Made the whole class burst into laughter.'

    This requires a preposition. "while looking down the backward ones! " 'while looking down on the backward ones.'

    Another wrong word choice. "decades later this ‘bad’ pupil has become a famous businessman" 'decades later, this bad pupil became a famous businessman' or you can say, 'decades later, this bad pupil has now become.......'.

  • Why I Only Teach Elite Students 2019-6-25 12:40

    SEARU: Thanks for your firm effort on English teaching in China! It is Ok for a coach to select excellent athletes for the-Olympic-Game competition. But as a ...
    Right. You should do that. I'm going to keep doing what I do. It's working just fine.

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